Space for Cycling Big Ride Success

A young Space for Cycling supporter takes part in Big Ride
Hundreds of cyclists in cities across the UK showed their support for Space for Cycling by participating in locally held Big Rides.

Local cycle campaigning groups in the capital and cities across the country took part the Big Ride in support of Space for Cycling. Five thousand joined the Big Ride organised by the London Cycling Campaign in the capital, where riders enjoyed closed roads.

Elsewhere in the country, organisers for Sheffield and Leeds estimated that their rides attracted between 200 and 250 people, while 100 to 150 participants were cited in Newcastle, Manchester, Solihull and Bristol. Reading held their own Big Ride on Sunday.

The rides were part of a national ‘Space for Cycling’ campaign, where supporters are asked to call on their local councillors to tackle the biggest barriers to getting more people cycling; creating safe conditions on our major roads and junctions; lowering speed limits; and reducing through motor traffic on residential streets.

The level of engagement in London and budding enthusiasm for the national campaign in other cities should leave no doubts as to what our nation wants from its government.”

Roger Geffen
CTC Campaigns Director

Newcastle Co-ordinator Katja Leyendecker said: “It was a fantastic event, people really enjoyed it. Although people had fun, they understood the serious message behind the event.” The event was covered by the local Chronicle.

Over the weekend, online supporters and those keen to participate across the country caused the campaign's social media  hashtags #space4cycling  and #BigRide to “trend” on Twitter from Friday ahead of the planned 'Thunderclap' which was scheduled for 11am on the 17th May, and reached over 100,000 people.

At the one month mark, campaigners across the UK have got the support of more than 160 local councillors outside of London, who have pledged to back the campaign demands. More pledges from local decision makers are still needed!

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