Carmarthenshire cyclists start local campaign group and look to build local support

Carmarthenshire cyclists start local campaign group and look to build local support

Do you want to improve cycling locally……meet like-minded individuals…..and make a difference? CTC local cycle campaigners and cycle enthuiasts Phil Snaith and Geoff Rone have set up a forum in Carmarthenshire with the aim of making cycling a safer and more convenient way to travel.

The time to act is now as political momentum has picked up the pace. Cyclists' uphill struggle for better infrastructure and facilities has now changed up a gear and the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 has been passed. You now have an opportunity to voice your own opinions and collectively campaign for better cycling for all in Wales.

Phil Snaith and Geoff Rone are both Right to Ride representatives of CTC, the national cycling charity, as well as being Sustrans Rangers. However, these groups can engage more directly with the County Council on a regular basis and with the Active Travel (Wales) Act as there is a need for more direct dialogue between the County Council and its cyclists.

Cyclists should be able to feel safe and trips by bike should be made easier for shopping, work or pleasure. Our group will be offering advice to road engineers, promoting safe and considerate cycling and aiming to make Carmarthenshire as cycle-friendly as possible.

Phil Snaith, CTC local campaigner

The draft mission statement for the 'Cycle Friendly Gall' is based on these 10 key points:

1. To make the S.E of Carmarthenshire an easier and safer place to cycle.
2. Advise and support the County Council in its aims to promote sustainable transport, and in particular the use of cycling.
3. To work with all other cycling groups to increase the number of journeys taken by cycles across the south east of the County.
4. To educate both drivers and cyclists as to the best and most considerate way to share our road space.
5. Assist in ways in which cyclists can also co-exist harmoniously with walkers, people with a disability and horse riders.
6. Help ensure that cycling (and walking) can benefit from new development across the area through constructive dialogue and advice.
7. Seek assurances from the County Council that in all its actions and across all Departments that the needs of existing and aspiring cyclists are considered.
8. Make sure that the positives from increased cycling are well known across all the communities of the area.
9. Offer a platform for cyclists within the area to have their grievances heard and properly addressed.
10. Ensure that the simple pleasures, convenience and healthy lifestyle of those who cycle is never diminished by the actions of developers, the County Council or others and that through enacting the provisions of the Active Travel Bill (Wales) many more will have access to safe and convenient cycle routes.

I want to see a Carmarthenshire that leads the whole of Wales in taking a full and active role in The Active Travel act. I want to see Carwyn Jones's vision of “Wales, a Cycling Nation” take hold in Carmarthenshire but to do that we need to ensure that our cycle routes are safe, secure and direct so that anybody from eight to eighty can feel confident to cycle to school, the shops, the library or wherever.  If you or someone you know share this vision then please come and join us.

Geoff Rone, CTC local campaigner


The first meetings of the group will be in Llanelli on the 10th February  at 7.15 in Llannerch Hall, Llanelli. For those unable to make it but interested in the group please e-mail either Geoff or Phil……. Or phone Geoff on 07988 071759 or Phil on 01269 832205

Further information on the Active Travel (Wales) Act

Please view the CTC Cymru ‘Draft’ response to the original Active Travel (Wales) Bill (attached)


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