Community Cycling Clubs going from strength to strength

Volunteers, partners and charities are coming together with Cycling UK to form an incredible network of Community Cycling Clubs. We recently met with groups in Birmingham and Manchester to share ideas and look at our next steps.

One of the sustainable benefits Cycling UK has created through our Big Bike Revival, is supporting volunteers, charities and groups to set up Community Cycling Clubs, so they can continue the momentum started through BBR, to support and increase the number of people cycling in local areas.

A key benefit for the clubs is having the opportunity to meet and network with other club leaders. Cycling UK organised network meetings in Birmingham and Manchester recently to provide a positive forum for sharing ideas, learning about strategic developments in the local area that will benefit cycling, as well as receiving help and support in growing their activities.

Approximately 40 representatives from over 14 clubs attended the meeting in Birmingham, ranging from groups that have been in action for over two years through to groups that have only formed in the last two months.

It was very inspiring hearing first hand the volunteers talk about their experiences and learn more about how the clubs are making a difference.

Laura Hales, Cycling UK Head of Development for England

As well as receiving training and advice from Cycling UK, we also heard from the people who have been delivering BBR. Bryn Lewis from Big Birmingham Bikes provided an update to show how the efforts of all the community cycling clubs are supporting innovation and changing lives through cycling. Big Birmingham Bikes is part of Birmingham Cycle Revolution, an exciting 20 year initiative encouraging more people to cycle in and around the city which will make Birmingham healthier, greener, safer and less congested.

In Manchester, there were 13 representatives from over nine different clubs, ranging from female only riders, long-distance non-led ride groups to smaller community clubs who were seeking more inspiration on how to engage the community and get more people into cycling. The sessions provided an opportunity for clubs and groups of all sizes and abilities to share innovation, offer support and make a connection with each other for future collaboration. 

Laura Hales, Cycling UK's Head of Development for England who attended the Birmingham event, said: "Having the opportunity to bring together the community cycle clubs highlights the hard work and commitment that people are putting in to help others experience cycling in local communities. It was very inspiring to hear about how these clubs are all making a difference in partnership with Cycling UK."