MP cycles to visit CTC National Office

Guildford MP Anne Milton trying out a trike
Local MP for Guildford Anne Milton met with staff, members and volunteers from CTC, to find out more about what the charity does.
MP for Guildford Anne Milton rolled up on two wheels to the national office of CTC, the national cycling charity in Stoughton, Guildford. 
Describing herself as a “reborn” cyclist, Mrs Milton spent over an hour at CTC learning not just about the national campaigns CTC leads on, but also of the community and inclusive activities which form the bed rock of the charity’s activities. 
Mrs Milton also met Peter Jeans a long term volunteer (10 years) of CTC’s Alice Holt Cycling for All group based near Farnham. Peter works closely with people of all abilities and ages, using a range of adapted cycles to make cycling a fun and healthy option for people who might find regular bikes unsuitable.  Among the cycles he uses are: tricycles which help with balance and confidence; tandems which make cycling very sociable; and hand-powered trikes which enable cycling with no leg-power whatsoever.
Peter Jeans member and volunteer at CTC’s Alice Holt Cycling for All said: “When you mention cycling in the UK, people usually think sport, like the Olympics or Tour de France. The reality is that cycling for so many means freedom to get out and about independently, for sociable leisure riding or for day-to-day journeys. The money-saving, time-saving and fitness benefits are a huge added bonus!”
Anne Milton, MP for Guildford said:“I have taken up cycling again in recent years and so it was great to visit CTC today and meet the team in Guildford who work so hard for the local area and the cycling community. CTC help many people, young and old get involved in cycling activities. They provide practical advice, help develop cycling skills, promote the interests of cyclists and so much more! Do get in touch with them if you want to get involved. 
“I was pleased that an amendment was made recently to the Infrastructure Bill to create a ‘cycling and walking investment strategy’. This will provide dedicated funding which will form part of ongoing wider action to encourage more cycling. Great news for cyclists!”
We’ve long known Anne as a passionate advocate for cycling, and therefore really welcomed the opportunity to speak to her. A lot of the work we do at CTC is helping people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities connect with the world around them through cycling. The health benefits are massive, and the economic case for cycling is impressive too, so it’s great to have a local MP who recognises this.”
Paul Tuohy, CTC Chief Executive 
CTC's recent commissioned academic study the Economic Cycle demonstrated that if ambitious targets for cycle growth were achieved (25 per cent of all journeys by 2050) then the cumulative economic benefits would be £248bn over 35 years.