The Big Bike Revival

CTC staff team fixing bikes
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The Big Bike Revival

This week, CTC helped over a thousand people fix their bikes at a series of events called the Big Bike Revival.

The trial project is supported by the Department for Transport and its aim is to encourage people to dig out their old bikes and bring them along to be fixed. They can also donate bikes to someone who needs a bike, or trade in an old bike for another cycle.

Dawn Kendall attended The Big Bike Revival in Manchester's Platt Fields. She said: "I’m very new to cycling, so this event was a great opportunity to tune up a bike that I’ve just been given. The free lights and high visibility jackets have set me up very nicely for the impending dark evenings. My bike is running so smoothly now thanks to the many mechanics on hand and my confidence on the roads will hopefully get better as I’ve signed up for some free training. The event was so positive and warming, I’ve never seen so many bikes in one place!”

Events were held this week in MeCycle Café and Bike Workshop in Ainsdale, The Bikery in Bradford, ​Cycle Re-cycle in Hebden Bridge, ​Barnardo’s Bikes in Keighley, Leeds Bike Mill C.I.C,  Platt Fields Bike Hub in Manchester, Reverse the Cycle in South Elmsall, ​Cera Cycloan in Stockport, ​Cycle-Ops Adventure in Tameside, and ​Gearing Up in Wigan. 

As well as helping people repair their old bikes, experts were on hand to provide advice about cycle safety, cycle training and offer help with local routes, groups, training and rides.

It’s all about helping people get back out on their bikes - so many people stop cycling just because their bike has a puncture, or they need a different type of bike. We’re here to help people get around these issues, and keep families cycling.”

Ian Richardson
CTC Head of Development

It is estimated that there are millions of bikes lying unused in sheds and garages around the country, many with only small faults. It is hoped that by reclaiming these bikes and helping them be useful again, people around  will be able to enjoy cycling once more.

Looking ahead

CTC has ambitious plans to bring the Big Bike Revival to many more towns and cities across England - and then to the whole of the UK.  As well as fixing individuals' bikes, CTC has plans to undertake a recycle challenge to bring back to life large fleets of bicycles that can then be donated to targeted community groups who need them.

For more information, 'like' The Big Bike Revival on Facebook.

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Anything in London where some bike shops take the p--- on minor repair and parts prices?

Why should I have to come into contact with the shady likes of Facebook to get information on this subject?

I'm on this site for that, one of the reasons why CTC are respectable - a (generally) well-run and trusty-worthy website...

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Hi Groovehound, the Big Bike Revival is a pilot project at the moment, we are hoping to get funding to run it all over the UK, so hopefully it will be somewhere near you. If you don't want to go to Facebook for more information, you can also email the project manager Ian Richardson (

Groovehound - If you live in London it is worth looking at what the London Cycling Campaign organises locally in the line of bike maintenance. - look under events