Tour de Friends - Waterloo Community Centre

Welcome to the Tour de Friends homepage, who are an affiliated group of Cycling UK.

We are, as the name suggests, a friendly group who focus as much on the social side as we do the cycling.

We have a ride every Thursday from 10.00am, starting from Waterloo Community Centre, the ride lasts two hours returning to the centre in time for the community lunch.

We try to avoid busy roads, instead preferring traffic free routes, towpaths, cyclepaths and quieter side roads. The rides are ridden at a leisurely pace and are welcome to all.

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Tour de Friends is the cycling group operating from Waterloo Community Centre.

They are a Cycling UK affiliated group, delivering led rides on a weekly basis, rides last two hours and are ridden at a leisurely pace with an emphasis on social cycling.

Information about the group rides

Ride time - 2 hours

Ride length - approximately 8-10 miles

All welcome

Avoids busy roads

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