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Steve Cook
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About us 

Everyone is welcome whatever their ability. We offer the opportunity to ride in company, to explore some of the less well known parts of our area.

We have weekly rides on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (morning and evening). In cases where numbers are suitable the runs may consist of three or more groups according to cycling ability and/or inclination. No one is ever left behind to find their own way.

As well as our regular weekly rides, we have a number of other events through the year.

Tours, ranging from a long weekend to a week, are organised at home and abroad. Many of our members participate in non-competitve reliability and AUDAX rides. Each year we help to organise a sponsored cycle ride on behalf of the Sue Ryder Home.

Every few years we host the Cotswold weekend, which attracts riders from all over the country.

Off the bike, there are social events such as skittles matches, curry nights and barbecues. Every year we have our anniversary lunch in October and a Christmas party in December.

Information about the group rides 
Day Start Time
Sunday 9:00am(October to March) / 8:30am(April to september)
Tuesday 9:00am
Thursday 9:00am
Thursday Eve 7:15pm

All Rides start from Central Cross Drive, except Thursday mornings where you make your own way to the 11's destination. There is limited on-road parking around Central Cross Drive.
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Characteristics of Rides (speeds are averages, not including 11s/lunch/tea stops) ...


11's and lunch destinations are listed on the runs list. Distance from Cheltenham to the lunch destination will be 25-40 miles, depending on season. There is the option of returning home for lunch after 11's.

B- Medium, steady pace, riding most hills. Stops for 11's lunch (pub) & tea in summer. Average speed ~10-13mph Distances 50-80m
B Faster than B-, riding almost all hills. Stops as above. Average speed ~12- 15mph Distances 60-90m
A Faster than B, Riding all hills. Stops as above. Average speed ~ 13-17mph Distances 70-100m
C Sunday C rides start from Central Cross Drive at 09:00 in summer, 10:00 in winter. See the current runs list for alternative starting points and starting times. Slower pace. Average speed ~ 10-13mph Distances 50-80m


Morning ride to café, returning to Cheltenham for lunch, generally 35-50 miles.


Meet up at the indicated café at about 11am.


These are rides of 25 to 35 miles usually including a refreshment stop at a country inn. Held weekly throughout the year there are always a few hardy souls riding regardless of the weather.

Pub destination will be up to 18m from Cheltenham, depending on season.
C Slower pace: 10-13mph Distance to pub: 15-20m
B Moderate pace: 11-15mph Distance to pub: 18-25m
A Faster pace: 14-18mph Distance to pub: 20-30m


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