Stalybridge Country Park by bike

Stalybridge Country Park is set in the Brushes Valley in Millbrook, you will find wooded valleys, four reservoirs and open heather covered moorland. The Country Park is ideal for walking, horse riding and cycling, A variety of footpaths, tracks and Bridleways within the country park including the Pennine Bridleway (Great North Trail) means you can make routes as short or as long as you like. Due to its location there is no parking or access for unauthorised vehicles so the best way to reach the Country Park is to ride in on your bike. There is a great route that you can take starting from Huddersfield road in Stalybridge that takes you along an old railway line and into the Country Park itself. 



  • Starting at the car park on Huddersfield road SK15 2PZ pass through the A frame on the far-right hand corner and follow the path to a second gate and a T junction, turn right. This is the Staly Way Bridleway (also known as the Yellow brick road) which was part of the Stalybridge to Diggle loop line. Continue along the Bridleway for a mile until you reach a fork, bear left down a short descent. (Be careful as this can be tricky if unsure do not be worried to get off and push) this will bring you out at the Canal & River trust building on Grove road.


  • Turn right through the gate and onto the cobbled Grove road then right again and head along the road until you reach the junction with Huddersfield road. Cross the road at the lights and onto Hartley street and take the second gate on your left at the end of the st and into the country park.


  • Once in the country park take a right turn and start the steady climb up the bridleway, you will eventually reach a gate with an A Frame, don't go through the gate, have a rest then take one of the bridleways on your left ( both bridleways lead to the same spot ) follow the Walkerwood reservoir sign's as far as you can go until you reach another A frame.


  • Go through the A frame and turn left on to the Country lane. (This lane is closed to unauthorized vehicles) continue along the lane and across the dam of Walkerwood reservoir with views of the Country park & Millbrook on your left and the Brushes valley on your right. Continue along the lane and bear right alongside the reservoir until you reach a large gate.


  • This is where the Pennine Bridleway (Great North Trail) passes through Stalybridge. Taking the left turn will take you into Carrbrook & Mossley or if you feel like a big adventure, all the way to John o’ Groats. If you go through the gate you can continue up through the Brushes Valley all the way to Higher Swineshaw reservoir. (It is a challenging climb but well worth it for the views and to see a great part of Stalybridge). 


  • Once at Higher Swineshaw reservoir you can continue to head along the Pennine Bridleway (Great North Trail) in to the Logandale valley and into the Peak District or head back to the Country park.