Government boost for sustainable door-to-door travel

Leeds Cycle Point - a good example of cycle-rail integration
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Government boost for sustainable door-to-door travel

CTC has today welcomed the Government's new strategy for sustainable door-to-door trips by public transport, walking and cycling.

Public transport, walking and cycling make ideal travelling companions, so the launch today of the Government's vision for door-to-door journeys by sustainable transport is a welcome step forward.

Cycling is one of the best ways of linking up stages of longer journeys - e.g. by riding from home to the rail station or bus stop - and it's healthy, low carbon and conveniently 'door-to-door'.

Years of feedback from cyclists tell us that the combination of cycling with public transport has huge potential and helps save travellers time and money.

CTC's Chris Peck said: "Cycling can massively boost public transport take-up - in the Netherlands 40% of all rail journeys start with someone getting to the station by bike, but here it's just 2%.

"In recent years we've seen a transformation of Britain's rail network, with twice as many cycle spaces and four times as many London commuters using bikes to reach their destinations in the capital. But much more needs to be done, including ensuring that any orders for new trains provide adequate space for carrying bikes on board, as well as hire and storage facilities retrofitted to existing stations."

Helping people use greener modes of transport will help create growth and cut carbon, easing congestion on our roads and encouraging people to opt for greener, healthier options. But to make that happen we need low carbon travel to become as easy as jumping into the car."

Norman Baker MP
Minister of Transport


The Government's Door to Door Strategy sets out a number of key objectives, including better information for travellers, smart technology, reliable connections between different types of transport, and safe, comfortable and easily accessible facilities.

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