Yoga Deep Stretch: designed specifically for cyclists

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Yoga Deep Stretch: designed specifically for cyclists

Women's Festival of Cycling

Yoga can help you improve performance, make you feel more comfortable on a bike, reduce chances of injury and can even help you to overcome some of the psychological challenges cycling presents. 

We will be bringing you a free hour long live yoga session, designed specifically for cyclists by yoga teacher, physiotherapist and keen cyclist Alice McNeil.

Our one hour session is suitable for absolutely anybody, high levels of flexibility are not a pre-requisite! Alice explains some key components of a ‘yoga for cyclists’ practice and how they can translate from the mat, into your ride and into life.


  • Tuesday 28 July, 19:00
  • Streamed on Facebook 
  • Free to attend
United Kingdom
With the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19 we advise you should follow your nations guidance