Virtual Volunteer Celebration: Enabling the Movement

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Saturday, 9 October 2021

Virtual Volunteer Celebration: Enabling the Movement


This year's virtual Volunteer Celebration will shine a spotlight on all the various ways our amazing volunteers contribute to our mission to get millions more people cycling.

Following the morning's optional group rides organised by local groups, we’ll hear from a selection of different volunteers who are helping to make the world better by bike, whether that's by small actions such as taking part in our online campaigns and sharing social media posts to those with a bit more time to lead rides, take people who are visually impaired out on tandems, organise events and even act as chair of their cycling group. 

How did they become volunteers? What is the impact of their volunteering? What do they and the people they impact get out of the experience? And how can others get involved? 

We'll also hear about our brilliant Cycle Advocacy Network (CAN) and the ways in which Cycling UK campaigners are influencing the decision-makers and having an impact, both locally and nationally, followed by a panel discussion with some of our most successful groups about how they have been welcoming new riders to the fold and increasing their memberships.

Finally, we will finish the session off with our fun, interactive Big Bicycle quiz while we learn more about those incredible volunteers whose outstanding contributions have been recognised this year with a 'Going the Extra Mile' award and appear on our Roll of Honour.

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