Big Bike Revival Partners

We work with... • Community Cycle Clubs • Bicycle Recycling Centres • Charities • Social Enterprises • Youth Projects • Community Interest Companies • Volunteer-led Groups • Wellbeing Groups and Community Hubs

At Cycling UK, we're all about helping you to get the most out of your bike, all year round.

Cycling UK is proud to partner with a network of volunteer-led cycling groups, and not-for-profit organisations which are rooted in local communities and are working to tackle a range of challenges and needs.

Our partners offer a high standard of cycling services as well as signposting people to the next steps, ensuring they get the support they need to get back into cycling or to start riding for the first time.

View the map below to see who’s already on board in England. Our main partners (blue) and other community groups (grey) are featured.

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We’re seeing people who came to events in the early years who we know are regular cyclists now and on the cycling scene.

Brian Pendlebury, CeraCycloan

It inspired people to get their bikes out of the shed and get on them.

Neill Catterall, Bike Hive Manchester

It’s about reminding people that it’s fun because people often just think, ‘oh, the traffic is terrible’ and just forget it’s fun.

Jon Gordon, MeCycle

A family of seven had all their bikes serviced to go on a ride toegether.

Maureen Parker, Glocs Bike Project