Pump hose upgrade

I have an electrical compressor that I use for tyre inflation. It works fine for Schrader valves, but inflating Presta valves with a brass adaptor is always a problem. Is a specific Presta valve inflator for compressors available, or are there any other measures to make this easier?

Ken Thompson

You could possibly replace the compressor’s hose (or cut it and replace the end part of it) with the Twin-head adapter hose kit from Topeak (www.wiggle.co.uk/topeak-twinhead-kit/). It comes with a selection of adaptors for common hose-fitting threads, plus an all-else-fails option for cutting and connecting to the orginal hose. The ‘Twin-head’ gives you the option of connecting to Schrader or Presta with equal facility. I have one of these on a floor pump. It’s been reliable.

Chris Juden


This was first published in the October / November 2014 edition of CTC's Cycle magazine.