Cycle A-way: Cycling UK's unique guide to published cycle routes

Cycle A-way: Cycling UK's unique guide to published cycle routes

Cycling UK’s unique guide to all the published cycle routes in the British Isles, whether on or off-road. Find places to ride and information about them everywhere in the country whether you are looking for easy cycling routes on the Isle of Wight or challenging mountain bike trails in the North Pennines.


Cycle A-way was published in 1992, then again in 1996. Since then information has continued to be collated, but not widely published as the information was continually changing. However, the opportunity to include Cycle A-way on the Cycling UK website now means that information can be kept more up to date, and therefore be a more valuable resource.

Designated cycle routes means those routes established by local authorities and others over the years in contrast to the Cycling UK's library of Information & Touring sheets provided mainly by members for the exclusive use of members.

Information is listed under :

  • Countrywide - publications covering more than one country. 
  • England, Wales and Scotland - publications covering more than one county.
  • By county - Information is listed under the county in which the majority of the route occurs, with cross-referencing to other counties where appropriate.

The table below lists the areas and counties, when the last update occurred.

If you know of any information that is incorrect, or of any leaflets not included, please do let me know.

Heather Evans
Cycle A-way Co-ordinator,

Using the guide

Information listed includes :

  • the title of the leaflet or book
  • its cost
  • details of how to obtain and/or download it
  • the publication date if known

For off-road routes  :

  • OS 1:50 000 sheet number
  • 4 or 6 figure grid reference for the start and finish
  • route mileage

Sustrans National Cycle Network (NCN) and their Regional Route (RR) numbers are often included.

Where publications are obtainable from one source these are grouped together. Most are also available from other sources.

Country Wide

Countrywide  Updated 1st Jan 2018


England Updated 1st Feb 2018
Bedfordshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Berkshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Buckinghamshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Cambridgeshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Cheshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Cornwall Updated 1st Feb 2018
Cumbria Updated 1st Feb 2018
Derbyshire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Devon Updated 1st Feb 2018
Dorset Updated 1st Feb 2018
Durham and Tees Valley Updated 1st Feb 2018
Essex Updated 1st Feb 2018
Gloucestershire Updated 1st Feb 2018
Hampshire Updated 1st Jan 2018
Hereford and Worcester Updated 1st Sep 2017
Hertfordshire Updated 1st Sep 2017
Isle of Man Updated 1st Sep 2017
Isle of Wight Updated 1st Jan 2018
Kent Updated 1st Jan 2018
Lancashire Updated 1st Jan 2018
Leicestershire Updated 1st Sep 2017
Lincolnshire Updated 1st Sep 2017
London Updated 1st Jan 2018
Manchester Updated 1st Sep 2017
Merseyside Updated 1st Jan 2018
Norfolk Updated 1st Jan 2018
Northamptonshire Updated 1st Oct 2017
Northumberland Updated 1st Oct 2017
Nottinghamshire Updated 1st Oct 2017
Oxfordshire Updated 1st Jan 2018
Shropshire Updated 1st Oct 2017
Somerset Updated 1st Jan 2018
Staffordshire Updated 1st Oct 2017
Suffolk Updated 1st Jan 2018
Surrey Updated 1st Oct 2017
Sussex, East Updated 1st Oct 2017
Sussex, West Updated 1st Oct 2017
Tyne and Wear Updated 1st Oct 2017
Warwickshire Updated 1st Nov 2017
West Midlands Updated 1st Jan 2018
Wiltshire Updated 1st Nov 2017
Yorkshire, East Updated 1st Jan 2018
Yorkshire, North Updated 1st Jan 2018
Yorkshire, South Updated 1st Nov 2017
Yorkshire, West Updated 1st Jan 2018


Wales Updated 1st Jan 2018
Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembroke Updated 1st Jan 2018
Conwy and North East Wales Updated 1st Nov 2017
Gwynedd and Anglesey Updated 1st Jan 2018
Monmouth Updated 1st Nov 2017
Powys Updated 1st Nov 2017
South Wales Updated 1st Nov 2017


Scotland Updated 1st Jan 2018
Borders Updated 1st Dec 2017
Dumfries and Galloway Updated 1st Jan 2018
Edinburgh Updated 1st Dec 2017
Fife Updated 1st Dec 2017
Glasgow, Falkirk, Argyll and Ayrshire Updated 1st Dec 2017
Highland Updated 1st Dec 2017
North East Scotland Updated 1st Jan 2018
Perth and Kinross Updated 1st Dec 2017
Scottish Islands Updated 1st Jan 2018
Stirling Updated 1st Dec 2017



Ireland Updated 1st Jan 2018

Channel Islands

Channel Islands Updated 1st Dec 2017