Technical Mountain Bike Leader

Technical Mountain Bike Leader

Equip yourself to lead rides on more challenging off-road terrain
Course outcomes 

Cycling UK's Technical Mountain Bike Leader course covers:

  • riding on technical ground
  • managing your group in technical ground: developing skills and identifying hazards
  • navigating accurately and in detail
  • dealing with mechanical incidents with a wide variety of trailside repairs and fixes
  • motivating, engaging and educating your group members
  • delivering skills development sessions for your participants as part of rides
Key content 

Extending your knowledge and skills from your Cycling UK Mountain Bike Trail Leader course, the Technical Mountain Bike Leader course enables you to guide riders into technical and demanding terrain.

This course is widely recognised as one of the benchmarks of competence with the outdoor education and activity industries - including holiday guides, teachers, youth workers and multi-activity instructors in the UK and abroad.

Skill level 
Competent off-road
Technical off-road terrain, inc. rocks, roots and bumps
Fitness level 
  • Cycling UK Mountain Bike Trail Leader course
  • Valid 16hr Outdoor First Aid Certificate
  • Minimum age of 18 
  • A logbook of led rides in trail terrain (minimum of 6, but evidence of 20 or more leader experiences) and 12 personal rides (covering at least three geologically different areas) in technical terrain
  • Experience of riding in poor weather

A new award has been developed with the European organisation of Mountain Bike Instructors - Guides (E0-MTBInG) and in association with the Association of British Mountain Bike Guides.

Cycling UK has worked together with MIAS, MBCUK to develop a European Licence for MTB Guides.

The Expedition Module covers all aspects of multi day riding.

Group size 
Maximum number of attendees: 6 Minimum number of attendees: 5
Full course £2631
3 days