Complaints policy and procedure

West Kernow Way in Cornwall
We hope everyone who encounters Cycling UK has a positive experience. However, we recognise there may be times when you have concerns or are not satisfied with the service you receive

If you’re unhappy about the service you’ve received from Cycling UK, we want to hear about your concerns, so we can deal with them and prevent similar situations in the future. When we receive a complaint of this nature we aim to:

  • Respond to complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible, while being fair to everyone involved
  • Provide a fair complaints procedure that is clear and easy to use, when a formal investigation is needed; and to publicise it on our website and other appropriate media
  • Handle all complaint information sensitively, in line with relevant data protection requirements
  • Make sure all our staff know what to do if someone complains to Cycling UK
  • Apologise if we have got something wrong and act quickly to put it right
  • Monitor complaints and learn from them

How to make a complaint to Cycling UK

Our Complaints Procedure outlines the process of raising a complaint with Cycling UK and how the complaint will be dealt with. You can read the full procedure below. Download the document by hovering your curser over the document and clicking on the arrow in the top left-hand corner.

We believe most complaints are best dealt with informally by the staff or member group responsible for the issue, but we’ll always make sure the complaint is recorded, monitored and responded to appropriately. Sometimes a formal investigation is needed.

Following acknowledgement, we’ll do all we can to ensure that the issue is resolved within 30 days of acknowledging your complaint.

Details of the relevant part of Cycling UK can be found on our contacts page.

Complaints can also be emailed to us or posted to:

Cycling UK
20-22 Railton Road

If your complaint is in relation to our fundraising activity you may also wish to raise this with the Fundraising Regulator.