Celebrating and recognising our volunteers

1st Step Bikes receiving their volunteer awards for joint Best Community Project 2017
1st step bikes receiving their volunteer award
1st step bikes receiving their volunteer award

Celebrating and recognising our volunteers

Thanks to the support of volunteers in our groups and projects, we’re helping thousands more people to fall in love with cycling, and feel healthy and happy through positive changes to their lifestyle that also benefit the environment. Volunteers do not necessarily give their valuable time, energy and expertise for a reward or recognition but mainly for the satisfaction of giving something back to the community.

However, we at Cycling UK feel that our outstanding volunteers deserve a pat on the back for a job done well, sometimes for an amazing amount of time, either through a nomination for one of our national awards or simply with a letter or certificate of thanks. Without the collective force of our groups and volunteers, our work would not be possible. They are a shining example of how we can all help make a difference. They donate their time to:

  • Run cycling groups
  • Lead rides 
  • Fix bikes
  • Support events
  • Fundraise
  • Campaign for better conditions for cyclists
  • Bring together communities through cycling
  • And in many more roles

Here's to our volunteers!

These are the ways we recognise, celebrate and thank our volunteers:

Awards given throughout the year

Letters and Certificates of Thanks

How do you say thanks to somebody who's devoted time and energy, perhaps over many years, to helping run a local cycling group or putting on events such as the Dartmoor Devil, which was organised by Kevin Presland for an amazing 25 years? Or maybe they have made and served all the refreshments at a particular sportive? Or worked as a marshal out on the course? Whatever their duties, we can arrange a Letter of Thanks for the individual from our Chief Executive, or perhaps even a personal phone call from him for particularly outstanding voluntary work. We also have a customisable Cycling UK Certificate of Thanks you can download and print yourself with the required details and perhaps put into a frame for presentation to the recipient at a convenient moment, such as an AGM or club night?

To arrange a Letter of Thanks signed by our CEO, please contact our Volunteering Team, saying who the person is and why they deserve some appreciation.

Certificate of Appreciation

For particularly outstanding achievements, we can arrange a Certificate of Appreciation. This is a framed certificate that can be awarded to an individual at a particular event or celebration and is in recognition of a special effort. Anybody who is connected to Cycling UK can be recommended for such an award by writing to the Volunteering Team saying in no fewer than 200 words why the award is deserved. Anybody receiving this award will automatically be put forward to the Volunteer of the Year Awards. 

Lifetime Achievement Medals

These can be awarded to volunteers who have completed 5, 10, 15 or 20 years of service in a role, with different colours for each category. To apply for a medal, please contact the Volunteering Team, stating membership number and length of service of the individual plus role performed. Recipients may also be considered for the Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Annual Awards

Going the Extra Mile: Our Volunteer of the Year Awards

Our members are at the heart of Cycling UK, helping us to get one million people cycling and keep cycling in 2018, and contributing millions of volunteer hours in support of our work. Whether that's running well over 13,000 led rides, supporting and promoting our campaign actions, marshaling and running Dr Bike support at major events, or helping people to overcome personal barriers to cycling, we cannot miss the fact that so much of our charity's successes are because of our volunteers. We will celebrate these fantastic contributions to Cycling UK's work through Going the Extra Mile, our national Volunteer of the Year Awards

Nominated by Cycling UK's members and groups, the winners and runners-up will be invited to a national Cycling UK event in June, where they will be awarded trophies and Certificates of Appreciation. 

The categories for awards are:

  • Best Community Project 
  • Exceptional Individual, Community Project
  • Best Cycling Event 
  • Outstanding Young Achiever 
  • Outstanding Campaigning Group 
  • Outstanding Campaigning Individual 
  • Best Cycling Programme 
  • Exceptional Individual, Cycling Programme 
  • Best Cycling Group 
  • Exceptional Individual, Cycling Group 

Nominees will be measured against our Volunteering Values:

                                         Cycling UK Volunteers

C  - Collaborate with other organisations to promote the benefits of cycling

Y – Say ‘Yes’ to opportunities to support cycling-based activities in the community

C – Contribute to Cycling UK’s mission whilst being reliable, trustworthy, transparent and honest

L – Love people from all walks of life and encourage a diverse volunteer base

E – Empower and enable people to fit cycling into their everyday lives

Look out soon for details of how to get nominating for the Going the Extra Mile Awards 2019!



Find out more about becoming a volunteer

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You too can champion cycling in the UK
You too can champion cycling in the UK
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