Roy Wigmore – volunteer at Cycling UK national office

Roy pictured cycling in Majorca
Roy Wigmore, who volunteers at Cycling UK, pictured riding in Majorca
Roy, a retired bank manager, has been volunteering at Cycling UK in Guildford for nearly a year. He has been an invaluable help in supporting many of our cycling programmes this year. He tells us how he became involved and what he gets out of volunteering for the charity

What made you decide to volunteer your skills with Cycling UK?

Having retired last summer, I was looking for voluntary work. I saw an advert for full-time positions at Cycling UK and within that there was a link to volunteering opportunities.

As I live in Guildford and have a keen interest in cycling, I thought this was ideal for me to follow up.

How much time are you able to commit?

One day per week

What do you support?

I have worked alongside Julie Rand, who is in charge of liaising with local groups. This has involved, among other things, ensuring that the merchandise for the Challenge Ride Series and the Women's Festival of Cycling is delivered on time and reviewing local group information on the Cycling UK website to ensure it is up to date.

What was the greatest challenge you encountered?

Getting to understand the Cycling UK website!

Describe a typical day in your volunteer role

See above

Of all the tasks you helped on, what are you most proud of?

Working on the website, since this involved me contacting local groups over the phone. I spent 40 years in a customer contact environment and enjoy this type of work.

What did you get out of the experience?

Satisfaction in providing a service to the local groups, as well as working alongside the team in the Cycling UK national office. I have also taken part in the rides organised by the member group in West Surrey and it has been good to get to know the members there as they are a very friendly crowd.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with Cycling UK?

It is good to get involved in a charity which has an increasing profile in supporting the cyclist. They are not afraid to tackle issues which are not always popular with the public at large and it is good to feel that, even in a small way, you are contributing to this mission.

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