Two inspirational events about women, wheels and adventure

Cycle touring in the USA
CTC's Suzanne Forup is chairing two events in Edinburgh with inspirational adventure cyclists at the end of October, celebrating the joy, freedom and sense of achievement that cycling can generate.

One of the highlight's at the inaugural Cycle Touring Festival this year was the number of women talking about their adventures on two wheels. Harriet Pike, Alice McNeil, Anna Hughes, Kate Rawles, Emily Chappell, Helen Lloyd and Laura Moss all shared their travelling tales; extraordinary stories of long days in the saddle, high mountain passes, wild camping, physical hardship and phenomenal mental strength. I left the festival renewed and rejoicing in the tales of positivity and the determination of women to ride on their own terms.

So, I'm delighted that Anna Hughes and Kate Rawles will be joining CTC Scotland in Edinburgh at the end of October for two special events:


'The bike is a magician, transforming the ordinary world into something of endless interest. Making adventures possible for normal, non-adventurers, like me."

Kate Rawles,  Author of  The Carbon Cycle: Crossing the Great Divide

The Friday night is a celebration of the strength, resilience and determination of women everywhere. We are dedicating this evening to the women that engaged in our 'Learn then Ride' series of cycle sessions this summer. These sessions were funded by the Women's Fund for Scotland, as part of the 'Women on Wheels' events at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Every woman that came through the programme progressed incredibly - from a shaky start in a playground to confident pedalling through Edinburgh's cycle paths at the end.

On Saturday, Anna and Kate will be joined by Julian Sarayer, the round-the-world cyclist, at the Radical Book Festival. I'll be chairing this unique discussion as they recount their distinctive adventures around the UK, across the USA and all the way around the world. Fuelled by very different passions, the three adventurers have more similarities than would first appear.

Book a place 

If you would like to join us on the Friday night, please book your free ticket as spaces are limited.

The Saturday morning session is hosted by WordPower Books at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall.