A review of campaigning in Northern Ireland in 2022

With the political stalemate in Stormont and slow progress on active travel more generally, it can sometimes be easy to forget the many positives steps being taken. Cycling UK engagement officer for Northern Ireland, Andrew McClean, reminds us of everything campaigners in Northern Ireland have achieved across the year and the difference it is going to make into the next one.

It’s been a year that some will dismiss entirely when it comes to improving cycling across Northern Ireland, but we've taken some significant steps forward; from the number of events and projects, to the lobbying from individuals and organisations across the country - it all comes together to strengthen our solidarity and connection, and to grow our voice.

I’ve included many of the highlights of the year that we need to take into 2023: there isn’t space for everything, but when you read through the list, hopefully you’ll recognise that progress has been made and change is in the air.

A special note must be given to Jonathan Hobbs, the tireless campaigner of 10 years who decided to take a break for a bit.  The ripples of his monumental effort will be felt for years to come, and the work he has put into the greenway and bicycle network design will be used as a constant reference of why, where and how we need to build cycling infrastructure.

Lastly from us at Cycling UK, thank you to everyone who has been involved, online, in person, individually or part of an organisation. It’s been a pleasure working with you all this year and we look forward to achieving even more in 2023.