A golden legacy for cycling?

GB Olympic cyclists. (Photo: Julie Anne Images)
There’s a lot of talk at the moment about securing a legacy to follow the inspirational performances of Team GB’s cyclists at the Olympics. CTC is working hard to make sure that Britain seizes the opportunity.

Some of us have already noticed a difference when we’re out and about.  Is it my imagination, or are drivers giving me a little more space on the road, and showing a little more patience when they want to pass?  We know all about the “safety in numbers” effect – the most important thing the Games can do for us is to get more people out on their bikes, and we’ll all benefit from being more visible.  And when many people get back on their bikes they will alter the way they drive – hopefully for good.

But we need to see some real improvements to road safety, and a genuine commitment to cycling from the politicians.  All the major cycling organisations, including CTC, have provided the government with a vision for cycling that would, over time, transform Britain.  We all want the same things – better training for drivers, speed limits that put people first, investment in facilities, real consequences for careless and dangerous driving. 

That means commitment from right across government – including money, not just words.  And the benefits are so obvious! 

It’s not just about encouraging the next generation of gold medal winners, it’s about a healthier and wealthier Britain, and CTC members appreciate the difference cycling will make if the politicians give it the chance."

Like many of my colleagues at CTC, I have been busy giving interviews about the legacy we want to see.  The media have been captivated by cycling – they’ve discovered what we have long known!  It has been great to see all the cycling organisations working together to seize the moment, and we won’t let up – we’ll continue campaigning on your behalf in Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, and supporting your local campaigns.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in the Olympic Velodrome, cheering on our elite riders.  I’m thrilled that they are putting cycling in the spotlight.  But I’ll really be happy when I know we’re not going back to business as usual after the Games!