Winner: Best Cycling Programme 2019 - HOPE for Autism

A child with bike smiling
HOPE for Autism brings joy to autistic children through cycling
HOPE for Autism, based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, is a charity supporting young people and families affected by autism. Their cycling programme is aimed at encouraging young people to learn to cycle and improve their confidence on a bike. It has won the Best Programme Event award at the 2019 Volunteer Celebration

HOPE for Autism is a North Lanarkshire-based affiliate group of Cycling UK and is a charity for young people and families whose lives are affected by autism.

Through support from Cycling Development Officer Jeff Frew from Cycling UK, they have been able to gain funding to purchase bikes, run maintenance sessions and access training for staff and volunteers. They have taught around 22 young people how to ride a bike. This is an incredible achievement! 

Young people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) face a lot of challenges and often miss out on opportunities many of us take for granted. HOPE for Autism are a locally-based project providing excellent support and attention them, their families and friends. The staff are amazingly dedicated, friendly and caring to all who use the services and give a welcome to all who visit the project.    

They engage with people in the most natural and appropriate way and, as such, ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect in all aspects of the service. The cycling club activities are used by many of those the charity works with. 

bike maintenance session

They have made positive efforts and have had success with working and involving parents in this cycling initiative, where all can enjoy and share in the love of cycling. They have held regular and successful Big Bike Revival events, including led rides and skills development sessions. They have also built up a fleet of bikes that caters for many different additional needs relating to mobility and balance.    

Their dedication is second to none and they are always willing to 'Go the Extra Mile' to help and support individuals to build their confidence through cycling activities.