Trish Cunnison

Trish Cunnison
Trish Cunnison
Trish Cunnison is part of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019 list for setting up Wheels 4 Fun, helping ensure all women, regardless of ability are able to enjoy cycling.

Trish set up Wheels 4 Fun because she identified a lack of opportunities for adults with disability to cycle in Leeds and wanted them to be able to experience the same enjoyment and rewards that she gets from cycling. 

Trish is a physiotherapist whose main area of expertise is working with people with neurological conditions and she is also a national standards cycle instructor. 

She said: “From my point of view, as a physiotherapist, the most rewarding thing is to see people developing their skills and abilities and of course we all enjoy the social side with everyone mixing in. It’s also been really heartening having the support of so many volunteers and other people who chip in and help.

“I am passionate about enabling people with disability to exercise in an enjoyable way.” 

I am passionate about enabling people with disability to exercise in an enjoyable way.

Trish Cunnison

Wheels4Fun was set up following a grant from Cycling UK and has since been sustained by donations and volunteers ever since. 

Trish’s commitment to helping members is clear from the comments from the daughter of a participant: “Trish helped get my mum cycling again after her stroke which ruined her confidence to do anything outside of the house, her and the team are a fantastic group of volunteers who need to be recognised for the wonderful work they are doing.”

Another said: “She got my lovely daughter, who was having difficulty walking after a stroke, onto a bicycle.”

What is 100 Women in Cycling?

Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling is an annual list celebrating inspirational women who are encouraging others to cycle.