Step one: Complete your self-assessment

Taking our free and easy self-assessment will help us to know a little more about your business and if you are eligible to take part in Cycle Friendly Employer.

To assess if you are eligible to become a Cycle Friendly Employer and to give an estimated indication of your accreditation level please fill out our self-assessment:



It takes around 15 minutes to complete the self-assessment and it can be saved, then returned to at a later time. 

Initially, we’ll ask you several questions to set your framework criteria, these let us know details such as if you have customer traffic or cycle parking available in your building.

For large businesses with more than one site, we can either audit the whole business or complete the audit on a site by site basis. To have the whole company accredited more than 80% of your employees should be in a location that is accredited as cycle friendly.  

John McCann from Queen's University Belfast said “We’re delighted to be involved with this scheme, we have been promoting cycling for many years but the Cycling Friendly Employer accreditation helps to validate what we’re doing, and is inspiring us to achieve more"

Cycling UK have created a handy guide to setting up your self-assessment which you can read and download:




If you have any questions or to contact a member of the team please email or phone 01483 238 342