Review: Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho for cyclists

Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho
Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho
Cycling in the rain: a poncho can keep you warm and dry when you’re on your commute. Cycling UK’s Christina Bengston reviews the Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho

Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho £120.00

I’ve done a lot of cycle commuting, and living in the UK, this often means cycling in the rain.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at work or to visit friends and having to sit in wet clothes.

My previous workplace didn’t have a shower which meant that in order to arrive at work looking clean and dry I would cycle to work in activewear and carry my work clothes in my pannier bags. On rainy days – because there was nowhere to hang my wet cycling clothes – this also meant bringing a second set of clothes for the ride home. That’s a lot of luggage!

Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho put to the hose test

I’ve worn a lot of different supposedly waterproof jackets during my rides, and while some kept the top half of me warm and fairly dry for the majority of the journey none would protect me from the waist down.

I’m not a fan of wearing waterproof trousers as I find I get far too hot, so I was keen to try the Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho and I must say, I was pretty impressed.

Not only does the cape feel really comfortable but it also looks very stylish. I had the navy blue version but the cape also comes in peach, black, walnut and green.

The cape comes with a waist strap and handlebar tabs to stop it from flying about in high winds and the hi-vis strip around the edge is great for visibility on dark rainy days. It is important to note, however, that if like me you keep your lights on your handlebars, it would be necessary to have a light on your helmet or on your frame above your front wheel.

I tried the cape out on several rainy cycle rides and while not being able to see my hands took a bit of getting used to, the best thing about this cape is how waterproof it really is. I was caught in a particularly heavy downpour and the cape kept me completely dry. There wasn’t even any leaking through any of the seams!

You’ll still need to think about how to keep the bottom of your legs and feet dry but I did feel pretty smug among my dripping wet friends.

Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho and helmet

The hood was another part of the cape that I really liked. Big enough to fit over my cycle helmet, the cut was perfect for me, and unlike some other hoods, it didn’t restrict my view while I was pedalling. Most importantly, it didn’t fly off my head in the wind.

Weathergoods Imbris Rain Poncho pocket

There’s a really big pocket on the front of the cape which is great for keeping your phone and wallet in for easy access, and the pocket also doubles as a handy carry case for the cape.


Probably more than I would usually spend on a coat, but then no coat before has kept me quite as dry! If you do lots of commuting or you use your bike to quickly nip to the shops or to visit friends, this is a great cape to have with you in case the weather turns.

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