Lucy Saunders

Lucy Saunders enjoying a bike ride
Lucy Saunders
Lucy Saunders is nominated for Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019 for her work to embed public health in all city transport planning, designing infrastructure so everyone can get around by bike or by walking, living a more active lifestyle.

Lucy Saunders is a public health specialist, urbanist and transport planner. She created the Healthy Streets Approach, an evidence based-framework for decision making at every level to embed public health in city transport, public realm and planning. Building on her success in London she now shares her expertise with cities and regions globally.

Her highly influential work put health at the heart of city policy in London. Healthy Streets is the framework of the Mayor’s 25 year Transport Strategy, a pillar of the London Plan (spatial plan) and part of all the Mayor’s statutory strategies. 

Lucy developed the bespoke Healthy Streets tools to enable practitioners to apply the Healthy Streets Approach in horizon scanning, case making, design, implementation and evaluation. She has now trained over 500 practitioners in the UK and overseas about Healthy Streets and is having a real impact on improving active travel for future generations.

Lucy Saunders helping more people to get around by bike

What is 100 Women in Cycling?

Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling is an annual list celebrating inspirational women who are encouraging others to cycle.