Easter eggs, cycling and burning calories

Yummy hot cross buns, 195 calories and that is without butter on top!
Cycling is great exercise and an excellent way to burn off any extra calories you may consume over the Easter weekend. But how long will you have to cycle for? Take a look at our handy guide to cycling off your Easter treats.

How many calories do you burn cycling?  It is a tricky question to answer as it depends on your height and weight and the speed you are going. If you need to lose a few pounds, take heart -  the heavier you are the more energy is required to cycle, so the more calories you burn.

The intensity of your cycling will also have an impact on how many calories you burn, and how long you ride for will also make a difference. 

As we're all different, the figures used here are based on burning an average of 5 calories per minute. For a more precise calculation you can use a cycling calorie calculator.

However, it's not just about counting calories and it is important to remember that cycling offers a plethora of health benefits, so read Cycling UKs facts about Health and Cycling and get inspired to get out cycling.  

Mini Eggs 

One teeny, tiny Cadbury's Mini Egg is 16.5 calories so that will take you 3 minutes 28 seconds to ride off. 

Cadbury's Creme Egg


They might be smaller than they were and made of a slightly different chocolate, but the popular Creme Egg is now 177 calories so you'll have to do 35 minutes of cycling. 

Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Bunny

Swiss Chocolate is known for its richness and there is no denying it is very tasty! The medium sized Lindt Gold Bunny is 200g so that is 1,100 calories! Eat two and you have consumed your recommended calorie intake for the day. 

To burn this Lindt Bunny off, you can't just go on a quick pootle to the shops, you'll have to ride non-stop for 3 hrs 40 minutes

Hot Cross Bun 

It is not chocolate, but the average Hot Cross Bun is 195 calories so that equals 39 minutes in the saddle. If you want to add butter, 5g is an extra 36 calories so an extra 7 minutes of cycling. 

Go for a ride 

Any amount of cycling makes a difference, so why not get out cycling this Easter weekend and enjoy a spring ride. There are plenty to choose from in our events calendar and many Member Groups have rides on Bank Holiday Monday that you can come along to. 

If you need a goal to work towards to lose weight or get fit, why not book a holiday with Holidays and Tours, sign up to a Challenge Ride or Tri-Vets event or be inspired by one of our Great Rides or 140 Routes

If you just sit on the sofa, the average person burns 75 calories in an hour, whereas if you cycle at a slow to moderate pace you'll burn at least 300!