Clair Parfrey

Clair Parfrey
Clair Parfrey is part of Cycling UK's 100 Women in Cycling 2019 list for becoming a top time trial rider in middle age and inspiring the people she coaches by her example.

Clair Parfrey is a 56-year-old grandmother of four who happens to be pretty quick on a time trial bike. In fact, she's so quick, she will be representing Great Britain at the UCI Gran Fondo championships in Poland later this summer. 

Clair started cycling as a way to lose weight but before she knew it, she was addicted (and slimmer!). She became an HSBC UK Breeze ride leader, then an HSBC UK Go-Ride coach, and then started taking  part in time trials. She also changed career - at the age of 49, she started working in a bike shop! 

Clair and her husband Alan have also started Phoenix Velo Cycling Club, a new club whose members' have two main aims: having fun and developing as riders.

Clair said: “Cycling really has become my life. I now coach other women, particularly those who are working towards their first 50-mile ride or starting to do time trials.

“I believe we are all equal on a bike. You can have great fun whatever the weather, make new friends and get fitter all at the same time.”

With cycling, you can have great fun whatever the weather, make new friends and get fitter all at the same time.

Clair Parfrey

Clair was nominated for 100 Women in Cycling by a host of people.

“Clair is my coach. She inspires me because age is just a number to her. She’s in her fifties and came second in the time trial Nationals last year. This has given me the encouragement to get into TT racing in my fifties, too,” said one.

Another said: “Clair proves that it's never too late to start cycling and you can still be competitive and race as an older woman. Age, children, background, weight, medical conditions, etc, have never stopped her from doing her best and that's so inspiring.”

And another said: “Clair is always out there, showing me what I should be doing... in sunshine, in ice, in high winds! She’s an excellent cyclist but that doesn’t stop her leading slower rides and making time for all abilities to enjoy cycling. She's inspirational and aspirational!"

What is 100 Women in Cycling?

Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling is an annual list celebrating inspirational women who are encouraging others to cycle.