The Cape Wrath Fellowship: the members

Cycling UK staff take the ferry to Cape Wrath
Part of the fun of getting to Cape Wrath is wee ferry - when it runs! Photo: Robert Spanring / Cycling UK
An estimated 2,000 cyclists have joined the Cape Wrath Fellowship since it was founded in 1949 by Rex 'Ragged Staff' Coley. Here Cycling UK lists the current membership

The Cape Wrath Fellowship was founded and launched by Rex 'Ragged Staff' Coley back in 1949. Since then, each year has seen a steady stream of hardy cyclists joining the ranks of this illustrious and historical fellowship.

In 1992, CTC (Cycling UK's former name) took on the mantle of maintaining the records. Below is the full list of the illustrious Fellowship. There are some gaps however, as records have been mislaid over time, so if your name isn't down there and should be you can sign up again via the button below. 

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Cape Wrath Fellowship Members

Initial Last name Year
M Hutchinson 2017
A Toop 2015
L Craigie 2015
B Murray 2014
R Murray 2014
M Jukes 2013
R Ladd 2013
J Greenhalgh 2012
J Slinn 2012
M Hayler 2012
A Lang 2010
S Lang 2010
S Willetts 2002
L Dixon 2002
P Standen 2001
D Moyes 2001
T McCrea 1999
J Wilkins 1998
T Wilkins 1998
J Mathews 1998
G Saith 1997
A McGinlay 1997
J Terence 1997
W Wiggins 1997