Cape Wrath Fellowship with Endura

The Endura MT500 special Cape Wrath Fellowship edition
The special Cape Wrath Fellowship edition Endura MT500 jackets. Photo Robby Spanring
Endura teamed up with Cycling UK to keep our staff dry with special edition MT500 jackets when they joined the Cape Wrath Fellowship for its 70th anniversary – and now they’re considering making these jackets more widely available.

Join the Cape Wrath Fellowship

Scottish cycle clothing company Endura definitely knows a thing or two when it comes to protecting riders from the elements, so it was only natural Cycling UK knocked on their door for advice when we began planning making a film about the Cape Wrath Fellowship’s 70th anniversary.

The Cape Wrath Fellowship begun in 1949 by Rex “Ragged Staff” Coley who thought cycling in the post-war era had grown a bit tame. He wanted to inject some adventure and fun back into cycling, which he felt had grown altogether too serious.

To do this, he set out a challenge. Ride to Cape Wrath – the most north westerly point of the Scottish mainland – get a photo in front of the lighthouse and a signature from its lighthouse keeper, send it in and he would enter you into the illustrious Fellowship.

Sounds simple, but to get there you need to get a wee ferry from Keodale Pier that is at the mercy of the tides and wind across the Sound of Durness.

Then ride a road that’s barely been touched since it was first built in 1826 to allow the traffic of materials to the lighthouse.

It’s a pure wilderness, with only this lone track to take you to the lighthouse that stands 11 miles away – so a perfect place to send three members of staff in celebration of the Cape Wrath Fellowship’s anniversary!

The Endura MT500 ladies jacket from behind

Over three days our staff and video producer were battered by non-stop wind and rain which nearly prevented them from crossing the Sound of Durness. While they were uncertain about reaching their destination at times, at least thanks to Endura’s special edition Cape Wrath Fellowship MT500 jacket, staying dry was not such an issue.

To mark the 70th Anniversary of the Cape Wrath Fellowship, members of the Fellowship can now get exclusive offers from our partners. Subject to interest, Endura are also considering offering members of the Cape Wrath Fellowship the opportunity to own a bit of history with their very own Cape Wrath Fellowship jacket.

Available in a variety of sizes and colours for both men and women, these jackets come with the Cycling UK logo and Cape Wrath Fellowship printed on the back and on the right breast.

Endura MT500 Cape Wrath Fellowship jacket (mens right from behind)

To register your interest email Cycling UK’s publicity team with your colour and size preferences (check the Endura website for details) – there’s no commitment to buy at this stage.

If we receive sufficient interest, we’ll then be in touch to confirm if you are still keen to own your own special edition Cape Wrath Fellowship Endura MT500 jacket.