Cycling levels in European countries

How does the UK's level of cycling compare with that of other European countries?

According to a 2013 report from the European Commission, levels of cycling in the UK do not compare at all well with most other EU countries.

In the UK, only 4% of people say they cycle every day, 10% 'a few times a week', 17% 'a few times a month or less often' and 69% never. The majority of other EU countries do much better than this, notably the Netherlands, of course. At the top of the chart, 43% of the Dutch population cycles every day, 28% 'a few times a week', 16% 'a few times a month or less often' and a mere 13% never.

Malta is right at the bottom, with a whole 93% of the population declaring that cycling is something they never do.








Source: Attitudes of Europeans Towards Urban Mobility, European Commission, December 2013. (Special Eurobarometer 406)