10 reasons cycling is good for you

10 reasons cycling is good for your health
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Most people go out on their bikes because they love it and there is nothing quite like getting out for a ride. But it’s good to know that cycling has all these incredible health benefits too.
  1. Reduces the risk of cancer by 45%

A study by the University of Glasgow found that commuters who cycled to work had a 45% lower risk of developing cancer than those who drove or took public transport.

  1. 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease

In this same study the researchers found that the risk of cardiovascular disease was reduced by up to 46% in those who cycle to work. The study was undertaken by 284,337 people so we think it tells quite a story!

  1. Boosts immunity

On average those who recreationally cycle regularly and/or cycle to work also end up taking less sick days off work in comparison to work mates who do not cycle.

  1. Good for your waistline

Cycling is a more energetic activity than walking or sitting on a commute and it makes sense that it burns calories which can help your waistline. If you want to lose the pot belly or tone up those abs then cycling could be part of a lifestyle change that will help you achieve your goal On average it burns up to five calories a minute!

  1. Cycling fights the aging process

Everybody is seeking an answer to anti-aging but we’ve found it – cycling of course! Researchers from Kings College London and the University of Birmingham found that a group of cyclists over the age of 55 had levels of physiological function that would place them at a much younger age compared to the general population.

  1. Cuts depression by up to a third

Mental health is a big reason that people go cycling. A study produced recently by Kings College London showed that exercising at least 20 minutes a day cuts depression by a third and cited cycling or brisk walking, as having a huge impact on the numbers of depressed people.

  1. 95% of people we interviewed for our Rides of Way survey said it helped with their mental health

From a Cycling UK survey which 11.482 people responded (looking at the off-road cycling scene) 91% of people rated off-road cycling as fairly or very important for their mental health – strong evidence that heading out on the bike is a good way to de-stress and clear the mind.

  1. Helps reduce air pollution – which is currently responsible for 40,000 deaths per year in the UK

As we know cycling contributes to cleaner, healthier air. At present, every year in the UK, outdoor pollution is linked to around 40,000 deaths. By cycling, you are helping to reduce the harmful and deadly emissions, effectively saving lives and making the world a healthier place to live.

  1. Reduces Asthma in Children

Exposure to roads with high vehicle traffic accounts for 14% of all asthma cases in children. With more bikes on the roads than cars imagine what this could do for children’s lungs. 

  1. Saves money – that’s got to be good for your health

On average cycling to work could only cost you £1 per week per household vs the average commute cost of £51.30 per head! Now that’s got to keep you feeling healthy 

Why not discover all the health benefits for yourself, and head out for a ride this Bike Week.

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