Insurance - which Cycling UK policy is right for you?

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CTC insurance gives ride leaders peace of mind
The world of insurance is a bit of a minefield for many people. This handy guide to CTC's policies will help you navigate your way through it safely.

CTC's Information Team is regularly asked about insurance - but often, the enquirer doesn't know which kind of insurance they need. So let's take a look at the various options available to CTC members, cycling instructors and people organising or leading rides. But first of all we recommend you read our Law and Liability for Activity Providers information sheet below.

  • First of all, ask yourself what you need insurance for. If you want to guard against claims made by others against any accidental damage caused by you or your cycle, you may want to consider CTC's Third Party insurance. CTC members are automatically covered up to £10 million by this policy, including if they use cycles for business use. But note that you are NOT covered if you are specifically employed as a cyclist, for example as a bike messenger.  It is not possible to buy this policy separately from CTC membership, although members of affiliated clubs can take it out at reduced rates.
  • If you are an instructor, whether on or off-road, you may wish to take out CTC's Cycle Activity Provider insurance. This policy is designed for individuals providing or organising cycling activities who usually have some sort of recognised qualification such as National Standard instructors; holders of CTC's Trail Leader or Skills Instructor awards and so on. It costs £79.95 per year for CTC members and £109.95 a year for non-members.
  • You may wish to organise cycling activities on behalf of a club or group, perhaps in the workplace or outside of it. In that case, you may wish to affiliate to obtain our Organisers' Liability Cover - this policy covers club officials, ride leaders and event organisers against any claims made against them as organisers. It does not include any form of competitive cycling, mass start rides or time trials
  • Members of bodies that affiliate to CTC can obtain our Third Party insurance at a discounted rate, which covers them against any damage or injury they cause whilst riding their bikes, whether with the affiliated body or not. It does cover individuals who cycle in time trials and sportives but not in any other kind of competitive cycling.
  • CTC Member Group officials who organise rides and events in the name of CTC benefit from our Organisers' Liability Cover for Member Groups.  Such officials must be proposed and seconded by the Member Group and registered at CTC National Office. This cover does not include competitive cycling or time trials. Find out how to form a CTC Member Group.
  • CTC Member Groups and affiliated bodies can also obtain cover for any trophies and clubroom effects they may have.           
  • In addition, CTC also has Citybond travel insurance and Cyclecover cycle insurance. Ring 0844 736 8458 for Citybond and 0844 736 8457 for Cyclecover for a quote.                     
  • If you require Professional Indemnity cover for a business such as: hiring out bikes; a cycle shop or maintenance business; or a holiday or tours company, CTC cannot help - ring our brokers on the number below.                                                                                 

If you need to make a claim under any CTC insurance policy, follow the instructions on the relevant guidance sheet.  

Please note that CTC is not FSA regulated and cannot assess individual needs for insurance and you will not receive advice or recommendations from CTC about them. Read each sheet carefully to decide which policy suits your requirements. If you are still unsure, ring our brokers directly on 0151 494 4400.


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