How to start a new cycling group

A group of Cycling UK riders
Running a cycling group is easy and lots of fun!
Setting up a new cycling group is easy and means that you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being part of the Cycling UK family.

We've got nearly 140 years of experience at running organised cycling activities. Find out how you can join us and benefit from years of acquired knowledge and skill. 

Do you ride with a group of friends or colleagues and worry about insurance? Or maybe there isn't a Cycling UK group near you and you would like to form one? If you have ever wondered about how to go about forming a new Cycling UK Member Group, this guide will show you whys and wherefores of how to go about it.

Forming a new Cycling UK group

Cycling UK is  always keen to encourage more people to cycle so, if you have a group of people you ride with regularly  and you are worried about the insurance and other aspects of it, then we offer two solutions:

  • become a Cycling UK Member Group, either formally or informally;  or
  • become a Cycling UK Affiliated Group

What are the benefits of becoming a Cycling UK Member Group?

In addition to benefiting from over 138 years of experience in organising group rides and events, Cycling UK Member Groups enjoy the following:

Free Organisers’ Liability insurance up to £10 million

This covers anybody who leads rides, organises events or is an officer of any Member Group and gives you peace of mind that in the unlikely event of there being an incident, you have the backing of Cycling UK, as long as the ride/event is run in accordance with Cycling UK guidelines.

Free publicity for your event or ride

In Cycling UK’s magazine ‘Cycle’ , on our website and in our e-newsletters. You can also claim your very own publicity page on our website. 

Free Cycling UK marketing materials for your event

We have postcards, business cards, banners, cycling publications and more that you can use to encourage more people to take up riding their bikes

A grant every year

To help with promoting your Group, with the chance to apply for further funding from Cycling UK Council for special projects. Funds can also be applied for to help with the formation and running expenses of the Group.

Entry to Cycling UK’s annual Tourist Competition

Groups of riders from different areas compete against each other in a range of events, with certificates and medallions on offer to entrants

A regular, monthly list of Cycling UK members

Cycling UK Member Groups can apply for an ‘allocation’ of post codes in their area so that they receive a monthly mailing list of Cycling UK members, which can be used for publicising your rides and events to a wider audience.

Insurance for 'guest' riders

People can ride for up to three times with your group before being asked to become a Cycling UK member for insurance purposes - as members of Cycling UK they are automatically covered by 3rd party insurance and receive free legal claims advice. This means that Cycling UK members are always protected in the event of a collision with a non-member.

A free regular e-newsletter

‘ClubShorts’ is sent to all Cycling UK Member Group officers to let them know what is going on at Cycling UK and has other items of news and special offers from the world of cycling

A dedicated member of Cycling UK staff to help with all aspects of running your Member Group

Contact Cycling UK Member Group Co-ordinator on 01483 238308 or email with any queries or concerns you may have. 

In order to receive for the above, all we ask in return is that your group abides by the guidelines laid down in Cycling UK’s Policy Handbook (below). This includes appointing a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, as a minimum. And we’d also like you to hold an AGM every autumn and complete a short Annual Return and a set of accounts afterwards so we know what  your group has been up to over the previous 12 months.

Informal Member Groups

If you don't want to become a Member Group but would still like to be part of the Cycling UK family, the other option is to become an informal Cycling UK Member Group – in order to do this, you must be connected to a formal Group, which will oversee your activities. Informal groups cannot have a bank account and are not eligible for a grant. 

How to form a new Member Group

Information on exactly how to go about forming the Group is included in the Policy Handbook on page 7 or contact the Member Group Coordinator for further information and advice.

What are Cycling UK Member Groups?

There are hundreds of Cycling UK groups throughout the UK. Find out where they are and what they do.

Affiliated groups

Whether you're a mountain bike club, campaign group, roadies, easy riders or just a group of mates on Facebook, by affiliating to Cycling UK for just £75 a year, you can enjoy many of the benefits of being part of our family of groups. 


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