Big Bike Revival grant application 2021

Returning to its full capacity; encouraging people to cycle through fixing bikes, teaching skills and leading bike rides!

Big Bike Revival grant application 2021

Delivery begins 17 May and ends 31 December 2021, applications are reviewed weekly; every Monday

Before applying:

Read the Application Guidance to find out who's eligible to apply, and what information is required on submission.

Read the Delivery Plan - schedules 1 and 2, (of the Terms & Conditions agreement) ensuring you understand what is expected.


Plan your events based on the fix-learn-ride model and apply for a Grant to support your delivery plan; two levels of funding are available: 

Grants up to £1,500 - we expect applicants to deliver at least one type of event based on the model and 5 events or more

Grants up to £3,000 - we expect applicants to deliver at least two types of events based on the model and 10 events or more 

Applications cannot be saved ensure you have all necessary information before you begin. 

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