Going the Extra Mile: Our volunteering awards

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19

Going the Extra Mile: Our volunteering awards

Whether they organise big events, lead rides, take photographs, show people how to fix their bikes, make tea or many other tasks, volunteers are essential to helping more people to cycle. Without them, the hundreds of groups, clubs, projects, programmes, campaigns and activities Cycling UK supports every year simply wouldn't happen. Our Volunteer Awards are to say thank you to our outstanding volunteers for Going the Extra Mile to help others enjoy cycling.

Our volunteers are amazing! They are the unsung heroes who help our wheels spin round and put smiles on our faces by offering their time, energy and skills freely to enable us to enjoy the wonderful gift of cycling. 

We are celebrating the contributions of just a few of those special people by announcing the winners in our Volunteer Awards 2019. The awards were launched in February and dozens of nominations were received from Cycling UK members, supporters and staff. After careful consideration, the nominees were whittled down to the best three submissions in each category, reflecting the range and breadth of Cycling UK's activities throughout the country.

Volunteer Awards 2019

The winners' names were announced at the Volunteer Celebration by our special guest speaker, round-the-world Guinness Record Holder Jenny Graham, who handed out trophies and certificates to our very worthy finalists.

The categories are:

  • Best Cycling Event 
  • Outstanding Young Achiever 
  • Outstanding Campaigning Group 
  • Outstanding Campaigning Individual 
  • Best Cycling Programme 
  • Exceptional Individual, Cycling Programme 
  • Best Cycling Group
  • Exceptional Individual, Cycling Group
  • Best Community Project 
  • Exceptional Individual, Community Project