Scottish Election: Cycling for everyone

On 6 May Scotland goes to the polls to elect a new government. This election is a key opportunity to tell parties and candidates how important cycling is for people, and Scotland’s future – with cycling part of a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.
Moving up the gears

It’s time for politicians to move up the gears and commit more funding and effort to promote cycling and active travel, so that more people can cycle for pleasure and everyday short journeys wherever they live.

Our Manifesto for Cycling asks the next Government to:

  • Invest more money in cycling,
  • Create safe space for people to cycle, walk and wheel,
  • Enable people in rural communities to cycle.
Support our campaign

Sign our petition - help increase pressure on parties to improve their commitment to cycling ahead of the election.

The core message of our campaign is that cycling should be for everyone, not just for sport, for the fit, or for men, but action is needed from politicians to make that a reality everywhere.

Get involved

As we get closer to the election, we'll be giving you opportunities to contact your prospective MSP candidates, so you can join us in calling for more investment in cycling and the infrastructure and policies needed to help more people to cycle.

To get the latest updates on the campaign, make sure to follow Cycling UK in Scotland on Twitter and Facebook .