Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme: Application Guidance

Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme: Application Guidance

Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme: Application Guidance

1        Organisations Eligible to Deliver

The types of organisations that Cycling UK considers eligible to deliver the scheme and apply for grant funding are:   

  • Cycle Recycling Centres
  • Not for Profit groups i.e. Registered Charities, Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Limited companies i.e. Independent Bike Shops
  • Sole Traders i.e. Mobile Bike Mechanics

Please note:

  • We cannot pay grant funds into a personal bank account. If you are applying for a small grant you'll need to access an organisational or business bank account. 
  • If you are a sole trader without a business account, at our discretion we may request additional information to verify your trading status.   
  • Organisations who are providing cycle maintenance activities on a regular basis, as their main business or as a primary income, MUST have a public liability insurance policy and be able to provide Cycling UK with a valid copy of the policy when requested. The validity of the policy must be at least until the delivery period ends on 31st March 2021. The policy holder MUST be identified in the insurance policy as an organisation eligible to carry out cycle repairs and maintenance. 
  • Organisations must be registered and active in Scotland. 
  • Eligibility to deliver the scheme does not automatically equate to joining the scheme. Cycling UK reserves the right to approve or reject an applicant based on any information provided on the application submitted, or any information that Cycling UK currently has or acquires as a result of an organisation applying to take part in the scheme. 

2        Completing the application form

Before filling in your application, you can read Schedules 1 and 2 of the Terms and Conditions, these are also in Appendix A of this document. This will ensure you understand the Delivery Plan in full. 

The type of information you will need to provide when applying, is listed below. There are 3 sections to fill-in, here is a brief description of each:   

2.1      About your organisation

We require some basic details like:

  • Organisation name, address, postcode, social media addresses, etc.
  • Organisation type i.e. Not for profit, independent bike shop, etc.
  • Contact of details the person/s applying for the grant.
  • Confirmation that you are happy to have your organisation details on our web map.  This will enable members of the public to see the organisations that are part of the scheme.
  • If you offer either bike loan/hire and/or refurbished/second-hand bikes and you would like us to signpost this to members of the public.
  • Indicative cost of a basic Bronze service

2.2      Grant Application

You will need to provide:

  • The value of the grant you are apply for (this is up to a maximum of £2,000)
  • A copy of your bank statement. This is to be uploaded and can be in the following file formats: .gif, .jpg, .png or .pdf.  A photograph of your bank statement is sufficient.
  • The date when you anticipate you will be able to start offering services under this scheme.

2.3      Signatures

  • You will need to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions.  Acceptance of the full terms and conditions is required for Cycling UK to pay you a Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme Grant. Key terms and conditions we would like to draw your attention to are:
    • (3.1) The Scheme is recruiting bike shops and mechanics from 22nd July 2020, prior to a public launch by Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity. Grant Recipients must keep information about the scheme confidential, with the exception of passing on details to other providers of cycle repair services. There should be no press releases or any other public-facing communications until after the public launch. Cycling UK will contact all grant recipients with the date of the public launch, and the date from which services can be provided (if different).
    • (4.6) We cannot pay grant funds into a personal bank account.  
    • (4.6) At our discretion we may request additional information to verify your trading status. 
    • (4.9) Organisations who are providing activities on a regular basis, as main business or for the primary income, and must have appropriate public liability insurance in place. 
    • (5.2) The Grant Recipient shall provide the Grant Funder with evaluation data as outlined in Delivery Plan and FAQs. 
  • Sign your acceptance of the grant payment by uploading your signature. The following file formats are accepted: .gif, .jpg or .png.  A photograph of your signature is sufficient.

3     Application process and qualifying conditions

Organisations can apply from 21st July 2020 by submitting the online application and following the advice given herein.

The application process will remain open until all the grant funding has been awarded, at the latest this will be 28th February 2021.

Once an application has been submitted, Cycling UK will review the application and the following qualifying conditions will be considered, but are not limited to:

  • Eligibility to Deliver
  • Ability to Deliver the Delivery Plan
  • Ability to collect and return beneficiary data to monitor and evaluate the programme
  • Ability to comply to our general conditions

You will receive a response to your application within two weeks following submission of the application. Cycling UK will provide one of three outcomes to all applicants:

  • Approval – an application has been approved in full.
  • Rejected – an application has been rejected in full or partially, and where possible and appropriate, reasons and decisions will be provided.
  • On Hold – an application has been put on hold, due either to a lack of or clarity of information, or to discuss issues or concerns that have arisen by either party. This outcome carries the provisional expectation of a final outcome.

If an application is approved, the contact provided on the submitted application will receive a formal Offer Letter by email correspondence confirming that the application has been approved.  Grant payments will be made within 3-5 working days following your receipt of the Offer Letter.


If an application is rejected, it is not intended that this outcome will reflect on future applications, unless other notification or advise is provided.

Your organisation can only apply for one Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme Grant at a time. If your organisation receives an approval outcome, it will not be excluded from applying for an additional Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme grant up to a maximum of £5,000 per organisation.   

If you have any questions regarding your application then please contact Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme at



Schedule 1 – Grant Payment and Expenditure

Payment Schedule

Approved grants will be paid via BACS transfer.

In this first phase of the scheme, you can apply for an initial grant of up to £2,000 and then further grants up to a total of £5,000.

You can apply for further funding once your previous grant only has £500 remaining.

You need to provide completed Customer Service Record Forms (ref Schedule 2) detailing the allocation of the grant you have received to date before further grants will be awarded.

If you want to apply for more than the overall total of £5,000, it will be assessed on an individual basis and will depend upon funds remaining.


Eligible Expenditure  

This scheme provides free repair and maintenance work up to the value of £50 per person. Basic service and essential mechanical repairs are covered by the scheme i.e. repairs that are necessary to make the cycle roadworthy and fit for purpose. The £50 can cover both parts and labour costs. The following repairs can be covered by the scheme:

  • repairing or replacing tyres, tubes, wheels and related components
  • adjusting, repairing or replacing braking system components
  • adjusting, repairing or replacing transmission system components
  • repairing or replacing other essential components which prevent safe use of the cycle e.g. deteriorated grips or saddle

The following repairs/transactions are not covered by the scheme:

  • a sale of replacement parts without any repair work
  • replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components
  • replacement or repair of removable lighting accessories
  • using the £50 to contribute to the purchase of cycles or accessories
  • Any repairs to e-bike electronic units


Schedule 2– Proposal and Scope of Services

Delivery Plan

You agree to deliver the Scheme as documented on your submitted application; or to deliver the Scheme as documented in any additional information provided after your application was submitted; or to deliver the Scheme as documented in any editions or alterations after your application was submitted.

We expect Grant Recipients to agree to the following:

  • If the value of repairs exceeds £50, the grant recipient must seek agreement from the beneficiary before proceeding with any mechanical work.
  • Your organisation is accountable and responsible to ensure that all bike mechanics, those repairing cycles and offering maintenance safety checks, hold appropriate and valid qualifications or are suitably experienced and competent to do so.
  • Your organisation is accountable and responsible to ensure that all bike mechanics carry out all repairs under good workmanship knowledge and work to best practise guidance

Risk Assessments - Cycling UK recommends that all bike maintenance is carried out in venues that are sufficiently assessed for all risks and dangers that may impact the public.

Adhering to Covid-19 Guidance

Due to the risks associated with COVID-19 Scottish Government have outlined detailed guidance for businesses to adhere to. More information on the guidance in Scotland can be found on the Scottish Government website:

Evaluation Requirements

The Grant Recipient will need to complete the following 2-point process. 

  1. For each repair the Grant Recipient (or persons responsible for data collection) must enter the following details on the Customer Record Form and return to Cycling UK via email monthly.​
    1. Date of repair 
    2. Work done (e.g. bronze service, brake service) 
    3. Customer postcode (full 6- or 7-digit postcode wherever possible) 
    4. Customer email address if they are happy to share it. 

The Grant Recipient (or persons responsible for data collection) should explain to the customer:

  • The customer will receive two surveys via email from Cycling UK (one at the time of the repair, a second survey 3 months later).  
  • This information is important so that we can understand the impact this scheme has on supporting cycling across Scotland. We are not tracking individuals or checking up on who uses the scheme 
  1. Cycling UK will email the Grant Recipient an evaluation survey via email after your funding has been spent. You are required to complete this survey as part of our funding agreement.