Insurance FAQs

Cycling UK insurance - for you, your bike and your activities

Insurance FAQs

Cycling UK provides a range of insurance policies to cover both you, your bike and your activities. But what do they cover you for? Consult our fact sheets for the details of each policy but also take a look at the list of FAQs below if you need a bit more help.

Third Party

What does Third Party Insurance mean?

It protects the 'Insured' against claims made for injury, loss or damage resulting from alleged negligence of the 'Insured'.

Will I receive a Certificate? If not, how will I know I’m insured?

No – Membership of Cycling UK automatically provides cover. Full details of the insurance are provided in the Fact Sheet issued to all members. In accordance with FSA regulations, the Fact Sheet offers members a copy of the policy. This is a standard Aviva policy and will provide members with no more useful information about the cover than that contained in the Fact Sheet but is available to be downloaded below. It can also be requested from Cycling UK National Office, but a charge of £10.00 is made to cover copying and postage costs.

Is my Electric Cycle covered? If so, what are the restrictions?

Where the main source of propulsion is electrical, the cycle would not be covered as it would be classified as a motor vehicle, in which case it should require Road Traffic Act insurance. However, if it has pedals and is mainly used as a conventional bicycle (unicycle, tricycle, tandem or triplet) and only has electric assistance then it would be covered.

Am I covered cycling to and from work? Am I covered for business usage?

Commuting – Yes. You are also covered for cycling to and from business addresses, but not for occupational use – eg courier work.

Am I covered if I participate in charity rides?


Am I insured against a claim made by another Cycling UK member?


I’m a member and go on Cycling UK rides with my local Member Group.  If I knocked another Group member off, where do I stand if s/he is injured or his / her bike is damaged?

Member to member liability cover is standard.

Are there any excesses on the policy?

No, there is no excess to pay.

I’m a member and go on Cycling UK rides with my local group.  If another member of the group knocks me off accidentally and me  and my bike are both damaged, where do I stand?

If the other ride member is also a Cycling UK member, then he/she will be covered for your loss/injury.

Similarly, if the person above is not a member but is still riding with the Group, where do I stand then?

If the non-Cycling UK member has been 'invited' on the ride, which is an officially recognised Cycling UK event, and the number of 'guest' riders does not exceed ten, then the 'guest' is insured as if he/she were a Cycling UK member for that ride.

I plan to ride a 'sportive' event in Europe next year. Does my Cycling UK Third Party insurance cover me? Although it’s not a race, you are timed around the course and some people treat it like a race.

Yes, provided you are normally resident in Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man and this is not a racing event.

Am I covered by Cycling UK insurance when I attend the Semaine Fédérale?

Yes, provided you are normally resident in Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man and this is not a racing event.

Does Cycling UK offer ‘temporary’ insurance or ‘insurance just to take part in a Cycling UK event’?

No. However, limited cover is provided for non-members participating in Cycling UK rides. For full details refer to the Cycling UK Member Groups Organisers' Liability fact sheet below.

Am I covered for time trialling?

Yes, you are covered for touring competitions, reliability events, sportives, audax, time trials and record breaking but not for any other form of competitive cycling.

Are affiliated members covered for time trialling?

Yes, as above.

Does Cycling UK Third Party insurance cover me to lead a ride?

No. This kind of cover is only available under Cycling UK’s Organiser’s Liability insurance and only applies if you acting on behalf of a Cycling UK Member Group or affiliated club and in accordance with Cycling UK guidelines. You must be a Cycling UK member and registered as a ride leader with your Cycling UK Member Group and with Cycling UK to lead rides for Cycling UK.

Am I insured if I am riding a tandem as pilot and have a claim made against me by the stoker following an accident? What is the position if the stoker is blind or otherwise disabled?

The stoker on a tandem is regarded as a 'third party' so the answer is 'Yes' – covered. Should the stoker be a Cycling UK member and regarded as the cause of an accident, then they too would be covered.

Am I covered if towing a child or luggage trailer?

Yes, cover is still available if you are towing a trailer. As with tandems, a child in a child trailer is regarded as a 'third party' and so could make a claim against the cyclist if the child was injured in an accident.

Am I covered if riding a cycle converted for use by someone who is disabled?

Yes. Cover extends to hand cranked and similar cycles. If you ride something that might be regarded as non-standard, you may wish to contact Cycling UK National Office to confirm cover, but generally Cycling UK wishes to encourage cycling by disabled members.

I live in the Republic of Ireland. As a member of Cycling UK do I benefit from your Third Party insurance?

No. Only Cycling UK members normally resident in Great Britain, the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man are insured.

Organisers' Liability Insurance

Exactly what does leader insurance provide me with?

Cover for a claim made against the leader resulting from loss, injury or damage suffered by Third Parties who alleged such loss, injury or damage resulting from the leaders' negligence.

 I want to organise a charity bike ride. What insurance do I need and can you provide it?

Organisers’ Liability cover, which can be arranged via Cycling UK if  the organisation or individual organising the charity ride affiliates to Cycling UK. This cover includes Public Liability.

I want to take a Cycling UK group abroad. Am I insured as an organiser / ride leader?

Yes, but with certain restrictions and subject to proposal and an additional premium dependent on:

  1. the number of days abroad;
  2. whether the trip is organised by Cycling UK National Office, or a Cycling UK Member Group.
  3. Note:  this cover is not available to affiliated clubs.

I am not a Cycling UK member. A group of us is going abroad and I’m organising the accommodation and someone else is organising the ferry. Should I take out insurance? How can you help?

You need to establish if any of the ABTA travel arrangements apply. If so, Cycling UK cannot help (but contact Cycling UK Cycling Holidays and Tours who may be able to assist and provide guidance). If not, full details are required and a special 'one-off' policy may be arranged.

I am a Cycling UK member and want to take a group of non-members on a cycling trip abroad. What insurance products do you have that will meet our needs in this area?

Public Liability Organisers’ Liability cover is available as a separate policy via Cycling UK's insurance brokers, Butterworth Spengler.

I am organising a ride for my local Cycling UK Member Group but there may be quite a few non-members on it. What’s the position? I know non-members are allowed to ride with the group but how many are permitted? What does the cover for guests provide?

The maximum number of 'guests' on any Cycling UK ride should not exceed five. Third Party cover is available only for claims made by Cycling UK members on the ride up to that number of non-members.

If there is a limit of five non-members on a ride, what about beginner’s rides?

For Cycling UK Member Groups, but not affiliated clubs, the five non-member limit is only a guideline. If more than five non-members turn up on a ride, then they almost certainly should not be turned away, but ride leaders should be aware of all the guidance available on leading a ride; ensure that they are comfortable with the number of non-members on the ride; and that entry forms have been completed. It is expected that in running a beginners' ride, the Member Group will have experienced ride leaders and helpers available to make sure that both Cycling UK members and the guest non-members can participate happily and safely in the ride.

I’m a member of Cycling UK but have never organised an event or led a ride. I’ve been asked by a friend to organise a charity event on behalf of a local church. Should I have some kind of insurance? What can you offer?

Public Liability Organisers’ Liability cover may be available subject to Proposal Form. Contact the Cycling UK Insurance Brokers, Butterworth Spengler.

What about ride leaders’ insurance in the Republic of Ireland?

Not covered.

 I want to organise a time trial for the Member Group section. I’ve organised timed hillclimbing events before but this one is the same, but on a flat course. Presumably I’m covered as before?

No, time trials are specifically excluded from cover.

Can I take out Cycling UK insurance in the name of a registered company?


Is the cover Cycling UK provides to its Member Groups  the same as that provided to Affiliated Clubs?

In general, yes, but the cover available to Affiliated Clubs is more limited for certain aspects. See the fact sheets below.

Do we have to use the Cycling UK entry form for non-members on rides, or would a locally devised version be acceptable?

Cycling UK Member Groups must use the approved Cycling UK entry form. Affiliated clubs may use their own version providing it asks the same questions as the Cycling UK form.

What are the rules and what do we need to do about allowing young people on rides?

Full guidance on children and young people participating in Cycling UK activities are set out in the 'Cycling UK Children and Young Person's Participation Policy – Recreational Cycling' below. The key guidelines are that anyone under the age of 13 should be accompanied by a responsible adult acting in loco parentis and have a signed parental consent form and those between 13 and 18 must have a signed parental consent form but may ride unaccompanied.

Do events for the public need to be registered with Cycling UK and included in the Cycling UK Events Guide for the event to be insured?


Are 'Doctor Bike' activities covered? If so, are there any restrictions on the cover?

Yes – but no mechanical or electrical repair work should be undertaken.

Are ride leaders insured if they give first aid to someone on the ride and they have a claim made against them in respect of the first aid they gave?

Cover would only apply in respect of first-aiders officially designated by Cycling UK or an affiliated club to act in that capacity.

What constitutes a 'tour' or a package?

You will need to refer to official 'ABTA' definition and the advice sheet below.

Are we insured for riders using bikes owned by Cycling UK / the Member Group / Affiliated Club?


Cycling UK Activity Provider Insurance

What does Cycling UK’s Activity Provider Insurance cover me for?

Cover for claims made against the provider resulting from loss, injury or damage suffered by Third Parties who alleged such loss, injury or damage resulting from the provider’s negligence. In addition, cover extends to claims arising from the hire or loan of cycles to trainees and for Third Party liability claims for alleged negligence of leaders acting for the provider resulting in loss, injury or damage.

 Is cover for instructing and leading provided irrespective of the number of people?

Yes, although you have to show that you are not negligent; for example, that there is not only one of you and lots of trainees that you cannot control or keep an eye on.

Does it cover for lending of a bicycle in the course of business?


Do I have to be qualified to the National Standard to be eligible for this insurance cover?


Are trainees, including children, covered who are taking the training under my instruction?

Yes – for injuries that they suffer/sustain resulting from negligence of tutor but, not for any liability claims caused by the trainee / child.

Do I need to get personal insurance as a trainee?

If you are a Cycling UK member, your Cycling UK insurance covers you for cycle activities. It is at the discretion at the parent, guardian, teacher, etc to decide whether individual insurance should be taken out, although cycle training is thought to be a very low risk activity.

Is this the only cycle activity cover available?

No, but this offers the best cover as it includes expert indemnity cover.

What is expert indemnity cover?

It covers you for any loss suffered resulting from the advice and information you provide as the expert in your field, providing you are proved to be negligent or irresponsible.