Liverpool's CTC members object to the Mayor's bus lane suspension

No ticket to ride for cyclists as bus lanes are scrapped

Liverpool's CTC members object to the Mayor's bus lane suspension

Paul McCartney wrote about the ‘Long and Winding Road’. Well, Merseyside's bus passengers may now be feeling they are living out the song's lyrics after the Mayor enforced a suspension of the city's bus lanes in a bid to ease traffic congestion.

CTC's local campaigner for Liverpool Don Thompson has been updating National Office as CTC members, the  Merseyside Cycling Campaign  and MET (Merseyside Environmental Trust) plan to pose questions to the  Mayoral Select Committee on Wednesday  23 October 2013.

Liverpool’s elected Mayor Joe Anderson has called time on the city’s bus lanes for a trial period of six months. So what will happen to cyclists in a city that has one of the highest KSI (killed or seriously injured) rates, where air quality is poor and car ownership is low due to high levels of poverty?

The relatively 'safe haven' of bus lanes is important to many cyclists - and if Liverpool wants to capitalise on the increase the city's seen in cycling over the last decade, it makes sense to keep them.

So suspension of buses will be reviewed in six months. But when will the office of the Mayor be reviewed?
Don Thompson, CTC's local campaigner for Liverpool

Don says: " Local CTC campaigners have already made their voices heard after coverage on BBC Radio Merseyside at the end of last week."

Now, the campaign is formally questioning the Mayor by picking up on what they see as unanswered questions. For example, have they even considered the effect of the removal of bus lanes on the safety of cyclists, who have been allowed to use them too? "


Questions for the  Mayoral Select Committee 2013:

A.    Bus lanes are a critical component of a comprehensive traffic management system; why has the Council not used an independent, professional, external reviewer?

B.    Does the council have any baseline data on cycle usage in the triple use bus/taxi/cycle lanes and which lanes are most heavily used?

C.    How many miles of the cycle network will be effectively removed with the suspension?

D.    Is the Mayor aware that Merseyside pedestrians have the highest KSI figures (per head of population) in Great Britain (11% increase to 211 in 2013). Reported serious or fatal injuries to cyclists have increased by 16% to 85, a 16-year high for Merseyside and a 19-year high for Liverpool?  What baseline KSIs will now be used and how will you monitor the change over this trial period?

E.    Please say what effect the removal of bus lanes, which are currently used by cyclists as well as buses, will have on the safety of cyclists?

F.    What arrangements have been made to ensure safety of cyclists who are no longer able to use the dual cycle/bus lanes?

G.    What risk analysis, including for cycling, has been carried out on these proposals?

H.    What percentage of bus lanes 'don't work' and what is the supporting data for these?

I.      What is the evidence supporting removal of all bus lanes rather than removing and monitoring the 4 or 5 that are ‘under suspicion’?

J.     What are the baseline air quality figures that are to be followed up after bus lane removals? 

K.    What is the evidence that the cause of congestion is buses, rather than too many cars?

L.     Please provide the data from CCTV cameras that are claimed to demonstrate that bus lanes aren’t working?

M.   What is the evidence of the complaints about bus lanes and the basis on which they are considered to be reasons?  

N.    Bus lane removals in Birmingham led to congestion and reinstatement; has predictive modelling demonstrated any potential consequences, e.g. increased congestion and pollution?

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