£5 off boxed cycle carriage with Eurostar

£5 off boxed cycle carriage with Eurostar

One of the easiest and most convenient ways for both you and your bike to reach Paris or Brussels is by train with Eurostar. 

Space allowing, Eurostar trains now take two fully assembled bikes, and up to four boxed bikes using the boxes and tools they provide. These boxes should keep your bicycle safe and secure throughout your journey and ready for your adventure at the other end.

How to claim your £5 discount

Cycling UK members holding a valid Cycling UK Membership card are entitled to an exclusive £5 off the usual £30 cycle carriage fee if they choose to use a Eurostar box for their cycle, meaning they pay £25. Members should tell EuroDespatch staff at time of booking and give their membership number, and then present their card as they leave their cycle. 


This discount is only available for members who choose to pack their bikes using the boxes provided by Eurostar, and is not available if the member wishes to travel with an assembled bike or use their own box.

This offer is valid from 25 May 2017.