10% discount off CycleCover Travel Insurance

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CycleCover Travel Insurance
CycleCover Travel Insurance

10% discount off CycleCover Travel Insurance

Your bike's ready, your panniers are packed, and you've researched your route. Wherever you're pedalling, make sure you're fully prepared with Cycling UK Cyclecover Travel Insurance, supplied by Citybond Suretravel.

We believe that travel insurance should be a vital part of your planning to protect against unexpected illness or injury, loss or damage to your possessions, or delays to your trip.

Many providers consider cycle touring to be a hazardous activity and could charge a higher premium - or not cover it at all. And even if they do provide cover, your bike may not be appropriately insured. 

Cycling UK Cyclecover Travel Insurance

We provide exclusive policies specifically designed with cyclists in mind, offering high levels of cover designed to suit your needs, including:

  • Bicycle cover up to £3,000
  • Replacement bicycle hire, roadside recovery, onward transportation, and cycle event fees
  • Repatriation for you and your cycle, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, personal baggage (including cycle accessories) and more
  • A bespoke quote if you have specific requirements

Cycling UK members applying online for our travel insurance now benefit from a 10% discount.* 

Touring further afield?

A long term, multi-country cover is now also available for Cycling UK members - ring for a quote on 0844 736 8458.** 

How to access your 10% discount

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*Online quotes only, using the code. Note: You then have to logout of this website in order to be able to see the online quote facility.

**This cannot be obtained online.