£5 off boxed cycle carriage with Eurostar

Bicycle in box carrier about to be loaded onto the Eurostar
Bicycle in box carrier about to be loaded onto the Eurostar

£5 off boxed cycle carriage with Eurostar

One of the easiest and most convenient ways for both you and your bike to reach Paris or Brussels is by train with Eurostar and our members receive £5 off a boxed cycle carriage to ensure your bike arrives safely.  
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The opportunity to explore is just one of the many benefits of riding a bike, and traveling to Europe by train is often the first step of a great adventure. Space allowing, Eurostar trains take two fully assembled bikes, and up to four boxed bikes using the boxes and tools they provide. These boxes should keep your bicycle safe and secure throughout your journey and ready for your adventure at the other end. 

Cycling UK members holding a valid Cycling UK Membership card are entitled to an exclusive £5 off the cycle carriage fee if they choose to use a Eurostar box for their cycle.

Changes to Eurostar pricing

From 3 September 2018, Eurostar have altered their pricing structure with an increase in the cost of travel when you book your bike carriage close to departure. The benefit is that you should have an increased chance of having your bike travel with you on the same train – something which is less likely the closer you book your ticket and bike place to when you want to travel.

Time before departure

180 to 121 days

120 to 61 days

60 days or less

Eurostar box




Eurostar box (Cycling UK members)




Fully Assembled




For further details on the changes to the pricing structure, Cycling UK’s Sam Jones explains the differences.

Terms and conditions

  • Available only to Cycling UK members with a membership card.
  • This discount is only available when packing your bike(s) using the boxes provided by Eurostar, and is not available if the member wishes to travel with an assembled bike or use their own box.
  • These charges are only for Eurostar travel between London, Paris and Brussels, and also on the direct train from London to Amsterdam departing from St Pancras International at 08:31 only.
  • This offer is valid from 25 May 2017.