Nextbike membership offer

Nextbike membership offer

Receive a nextbike membership for £40
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Nextbike's vision is to transform cities by moving more people onto bicycles. Their mission is to design, build, implement and operate bike share systems with cities and make cycling available to the masses. Nextbike is offering Cycling UK members a yearly membership for £40 instead of the usual price of £60

How it works

1. Register

Register via the nextbike app, website or hotline. By joining, you will also be able to rent bikes in every nextbike city worldwide

2. Rent

Rent via the app, hotline or customer card. Open the nextbike app and scan the QR code on the bike or enter the bike number. The lock will be released and your rental will begin.

3. Park

To park the bike temporarily, open the nextbike app and press 'Park'. Then press down the frame lock lever. A beep will confirm that the bike is locked. To continue the ride, press ‘Open Lock‘ on the app to reopen the frame lock.

* Note: Your rental is still running in park mode.

4. Return

Push the e-bike into a dock at an official e-bike station. Lock it by pressing down the lever on the frame lock. A beep will confirm the successful return and end of your rental.

There are various locations you can access nextbike, simply look on the map and see if nextbike is available in your area.

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