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Welcome to the world of YOGi Cycling. We are passionate about cycling and we are keen to share that passion with others. Hopefully our website will give the essence of what we are about. So why YOGi?  Well the famous at the time cartoon character Yogi Bear spent his whole life avoiding the park ranger and looking for cakes from picnickers.  Perfect for us but what could it mean? Cue Kim’s inventiveness.  We agreed with Youthful Off-Road Gurus Of ideology. Yes our routes very much started in the very early days of the UK MTB scene.  And yeah we like to think we’re youthful. Since then we have evolved in to one of the bigger UK cycling clubs and arguably one of the very first ones to recognise that the typical UK cycling clubs rarely met the needs of the majority of the MTB, social, leisure and sportive type of road rider.  So we feel that we have played a big part in bringing about a whole new way of thinking to cycling clubs. Steve Clare, Ian Roberts and Kim Wiltshire are still very much a part of the YOGi scene and all three take pride in how the club has evolved to date.

Now we have a very comprehensive list of rides at all levels for both road and off road riding preferences. For those who are trying our club for the first time and especially if unsure of your fitness and ability level please know you will be very welcomed along to one of our Saturday Fun Mountain Bike (1st and 3rd Saturdays) or Saturday Leisure Road Rides. 

Our riders take part in many different areas of the cycle sport including sportifs, road racing, mountain bike racing, enduros and some ride for pleasure.

So the bottom line is that we’re a cycling club based in Plymouth organising lots of different rides each week. We have a common bond – a passion for cycling. Why not pick a ride and join us, we guarantee a warm welcome.


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