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Welcome to Totalterrain homepage, who are an affiliated group of Cycling UK. We are working to establish a network of long distance off-road mtb routes around the UK. Please help by volunteering to ride or donating to our crowd-fund campaign.

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TotalTerrain is working to develop an exciting network of long-distance mtb routes around Britain. Passing through our most beautiful and sometimes challenging countryside, this will provide a recreational facility for all abilities. The network will be made up of some existing routes, but will also require new routes to be explored so as to link up the existing routes and create a network. The whole network will be made available for free on our website using satnav files. Route notes can be downloaded where available.

The network developed so far can be seen on the TotalTerrain site (, and TotalTerrain is a group affiliated to Cycling UK.

We are looking for volunteer riders to go out this summer and ride the new link routes for us (classed as audax events), mapping them on satnav and making route notes to help others match their skills to the routes. We will give assistance on expenses and can lend a satnav if you don’t have one.

The link routes we need riding are as follows:

  1. 7 new routes to link the 7 Stanes bike parks to the LEJoG route (TT.UK1).
    1. 5 form a route around the western lowlands to and from LEJoG:
      • A link route from the LEJoG to Glentrool
      • A diversion off the Glenntrool route to pick up Ae
      • Glentrool to Kirroughtree
      • Kirroughtree to Dalbeattie
      • Dalbeattie back to Ae
    2. 2 more to pick up the eastern parks:
    3. A loop to Glentress and Innerleithen
    4. A loop to Newcastleton
  2. 2 new links route to the Sandstone Way (TT.UK2) in Northumberland:
    1. One from Innerleithen in the north
    2. One from LEJoG in the south
  3. A new link from the North Downs (TT.UK5) way to LEJoG (TT.UK1)
  4. 2 links from LEGoG to The three coasts of Wales route (TT.UK3)
    1. One in the north via Llangollen
    2. and one in the south of Wales


Some of these routes have draft satnav files available as a starter, but you will need to validate the route as described above, and if necessary develop alternatives on the ground, if the draft does not work out.

If you would like to help out please email We offer £100 per day towards expenses, on the assumption you will be able to map around 50 miles per day.

If you can’t do a ride then you can help others by contributing to our funding. We are running a small crowd funding campaign to raise the funds to support the volunteers. If you can please make a contribution at GoFundMe

Information about the group rides 

The rides will be audax events to map out link routes, and so create a network of long-distance mtb routes around the UK. See the main page for details.

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