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Standish Community Cycling Club

Welcome to Standish Community Cycling Club homepage, who are an affiliated group of CTC.

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Martin Holden
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Standish Community Cycling Club are a CTC affiliated group.

Welcome to Standish Community Cycling Club.

We are a CTC affiliated club established to promote social cycling in and around the village of Standish in Wigan.

The club offers regular weekend social rides around the village, varying the routes as riders develop their riding skills. However, this club is all about enjoyment, about relaxing and exploring our surroundings. so there will be no competitive riding, no racing and above all no one gets left behind.

We believe that here are plenty of wonderful ways to enjoy cycling, it’s certainly not all about lycra and racing around the streets as hard as you can. We want to offer a more relaxed and enjoyable way to ride your bike whilst taking in all that is great about our village. Our rides are aimed at new and novice cyclists, both young and old, and we offer them a relaxed and sociable way to enjoy their time on the bike.

All the rides are provided FREE of charge, supported by experienced cyclists who just love to get out there ride their bikes.

We encourage children to come along and ride with their parents without fear of the road – our rides will be kept off road as much as is possible, riding tracks and trails wherever we can. Naturally there will always be some road riding, but this is kept to an absolute minimum.

So if you want to do something new and healthy and be part of your community, then get in touch and come along to one of our rides.

Information about the group rides 

We offer regular weekend social rides and occasional adventure rides around the local area, taking in the tracks and trails of the village.

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This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19