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OpenMTB - Representatives from groups in the off road cycling community in England and Wales, an affiliated group working in partnership with Cycling UK.

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Early in 2015 representatives from a number of mountain bike associations met journalists and industry experts from across England and Wales to see how we could work together for the benefit of our community.  

In the past it has been difficult for governing bodies to consult our diverse community due to the lack of a single point of contact.

OpenMTB has been formed to act co-operatively on behalf of our supporters - locally, regionally and nationally on issues that concern our supporters. These issues include improved access rights, user group consultations, trail improvement and maintenance etc.

We have agreed how we will work in partnership with cycling's main bodies. By using existing relationships with our supporters and the campaigning experience and organisational skills of Cycling UK and British Cycling we aim to work in a positive manner to bring about real benefits for the off-road cycling community.

The group already have links with National Park Authorities, the Forestry Commission and other land managers and will continue to build on these in the future.

Current rights of way were created before the mountain bike was invented and we believe the system needs a thorough review in order to reflect current patterns of recreational use.

Scotland has undergone such a review and is seeing the benefits modernisation brings. User groups are equal and are bound by a single responsible access code. Using such a code we seek to bring access rights up to date across the UK.

In our first campaign OpenMTB, Cycling UK (then CTC), British Cycling and Welsh Cycling launched ‘Trails for Wales’ which focused on the Welsh Government consultation for increased access in Wales. We feel that modernising the Welsh access system is a key step towards a fairer system across the whole of the UK.

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Our first joint campaign, Trail for Wales, Launches 1st September 2015

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