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Loaghtan Loaded Mtb

Welcome to Loaghtan Loaded Mtb homepage, who are an affilated group of CTC.

About us 

The Loaghtan Loaded riders are from the Isle of Man, the “club” was formed in 2005. It began as a name for a tour of Coed Y Brenin in North Wales and has stuck from there.

As a club we have grown from starting with just 5 members to now having over 30 members who are basically a group of “Riders who live to experience the raw feelings of the wind, the rain, the sensation of speed and sweat on our bodies“. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are generally just out for a laugh.

We are also keen trail builders and founders of the Manx Trail Faeries where we work in conjunction with D.E.F.A. and can often be found out on our local trails repairing or building new trails.

Loaghtan Loaded are also the founders and main organisers of the ‘Longest Day, Longest Ride‘ 24hr Endurance event held annually around the Summer Solstice.


Our area 
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