Gear Up Community Cycle Club

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Gear Up Community Cycle Club

Gear Up is more than just a Cycle Club. We are accessible, social and love all things cycling. Gear Up is all about getting people out on two wheels and changing the futures of the young people in our community using cycling and training through our retail shop and training centre! We are affiliated to Cycling UK, as a Community Cycle Club, and run group rides on a Saturday morning. Gear Up is part of the charity Worth Unlimited.

Our activities 
MTB/Offroad rides
Audax/Sportive road rides
Leisure/Touring rides
About us 

Gear Up is a friendly, inclusive, growing cycling club, welcoming all ages and abilities. You're invited to join us on our Saturday Social ride at 8am, where we often aim to ride around 30 miles per day, and there's usually a coffee and cake stop thrown in along the route.

​It doesn't matter whether it's your first ride out in a while, or you've been riding for a few years and are looking for a group to join, just come along and say hi!

​You can follow our club on Strava to see our latest and upcoming activities.

We are a fairly laid-back bunch but there are a few rules to abide by.

  • You are responsible for the maintenance of your own bike (unless you book in for a service).
  • Helmets must be worn.
  • Always carry a pump and the correct inner tube.
  • Obey the highway code.
  • Be courteous whilst riding.
  • Take your turn at the front, we are not a team of domestiques.
  • Headphones not allowed.
  • Support any other rider who may be having a bad day.
  • Hydration packs should never be seen near a road bike.
  • Try not to laugh if anyone falls off. 
  • All cycle related products are to be bought from Gear Up.
  • If in doubt refer to Rule #5 (if you know, you know!!).
Our area 
Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19